iPad 2 Best Buy Rumors Addressed

There has been some controversy flowing around the web, regarding rumors about Best Buy witholding sales of the iPad 2. Both Best Buy and Apple have apparently addressed these rumors. The rumor was that Best Buy was holding back iPad…

Windows Phone 7 Rumored with NFC?

One of the hottest technologies around is NFC.  Near Field Communication allows devices to communicate to other devices using short waves.  The reason this technology has caught fire has been its use in mobile credit card payments.  Another upcoming phone…

Myspace to Vevo?

There has been a lot of talk about the decline of Myspace and of possible Myspace sales and mergers. Now we have something a little more specific (though unconfirmed) to consider. People with knowledge of the situation say that News…

iPhone 5 Rumors: A Roundup

Update 08/19: Since the article was originally pieced together in March, there have been many rumors flying around about the device. Many of them have simply been around the release date. As of right now, it looks like it’s going…

iPhone 5 Rumors Surface

Speculating about unreleased Apple products can be a full time job if you want it to be.  For those who want to navigate the rumor mill, there are a couple of gems out there right now. According to the New…

Smaller iPhone Probably Not Happening

Rumors have been going around (stemming from a Wall Street Journal report) that Apple is working on a smaller, and cheaper version of the iPhone to come out this summer. Some have been calling it the "iPhone Nano". Now the New York Times reports that its sources say Apple is not working on a smaller iPhone. 

Rumor: Google Has Eye On Local Platform SinglePlatform

Google has reportedly been in talks with SinglePlatform, a local business content publisher network that provides hotels, restaurants, bars and PR firms with a place to manage their digital presence and gain customers.

According to Business Insider, Google has been "sniffing around" the company, with possible (AKA: speculative) acquisition considerations. However, BI reports:

Cheap iPhones Coming This Summer?

Rumor has it that this summer, Apple will release a new line of cheap iPhones, which will cost about half as much as the current iPhone 4. 

A report from the Wall Street Journal, citing "people familiar with the matter," says:

Facebook/Face.com Rumors Surface

TechCrunch is pointing to a couple of Israeli articles from TheMarker, which are written in hebrew, claiming that Face.com turned down an acquisition offer from Facebook, and that the company is already powering facial recognition in Facebook’s own  Photos feature. 

Both of these things are rumors, but interesting ones. Face.com isn’t talking about it one way or another (which means they aren’t exactly denying it or confirming it). 

Eric Schmidt Coming To Your Living Room?

Could Google CEO Eric Schmidt be coming soon to your living room? Rumor has it that he’s interested in getting into television. 

A rather unexpected report from the New York Post today indicates that he is in fact interested in having some kind of talk show, and has even been involved in the filming of a past pilot show (which reportedly didn’t turn out too well). According to the report, he’s been consulting with Liza McGuirk, executive producer of CNN’s Parker Spitzer.