Yahoo Buys Rockmelt, Acquisition Train Keeps A Rollin’

Yahoo just announced that it has acquired Rockmelt, which you may remember launching a social browser a few years back. The browser was based on Chromium, but added a lot of social functionality that is for the most part already…

Rockmelt Browser Gets New Facebook, Twitter Features in Beta 2

The web browser market is as competitive as ever, as millions of people continue to download Firefox 4 and Microsoft and Google continue to improve Internet Explorer and Chrome respectively. Rockmelt, which puts the browsing experience on social – which…

Flock Makes Upgrade To Chromium 7

Social web browser Flock has released a new Chromium 7-based version of its browser on both Mac and Windows platforms.

Flock says its new 3.5 version offers greater ease of use and faster performance, likely in response to its recently launched competitor RockMelt.  The company says it has reached an installed user base of  over 9.5 million users globally and calls itself “the social browser market leader.”

Is This the Web Browser Experience People Want?

Today, nearly everybody in the tech community is talking about a new web browser called RockMelt, just introduced over the weekend. The browser promises to make it "easy for you to do the things you do every single day on the web."

This means sharing, keeping up with friends, staying up to date on news and information, and of course search. The browser is built on Chromium, the open source project behind Google’s Chrome.