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Tag: robbery

Facebook Search Nabs $9 Robbers
Today’s idiot criminals busted with Facebook files serves up a real doozy. Let’s head to Weatherford, Texas, where two men have been arres...
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‘Black Widow of Facebook’ Lured Men, Drugged Them, and Robbed Them
With a nickname like “Black Widow of Facebook”, you better be pretty good at your (con) job. And according to police, Sofia Davila was cer...
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Suge Knight Pleads Not Guilty To Robbery Charge
On Wednesday, November 5, Suge Knight pleaded not guilty to the robbery charges that were filed against him. On October 29, an independent celebrity p...
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Katt Williams, Suge Knight Incident Was Caught on Video
Katt Williams and Suge Knight were arrested over allegations of robbery when a photographer said the pair took her camera from her. Williams told TMZ ...
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Pizza Delivery Goes WAY Wrong: Man Gets Robbed At Gunpoint Of $23 Worth Of Pizza
A pizza delivery man found himself face-to-face with a loaded weapon when he attempted to make a delivery in Tauranga, New Zealand. Though it’s ...
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Misty Holt-Singh: Sister Takes Higher Road In Grief
Misty Holt-Singh was used as a human shield by bank robbery suspects on Wednesday and lost her life. She left behind children, a husband, and an exten...
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Criminal Mastermind Forgets to Log-out of Facebook at Home He Burgled
There’s still one Hall of Fame that will accept everybody – it doesn’t matter if you’re a liar, thief, cheat, or whatever. It̵...
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Robber Caught After Friending Victim on Facebook
You have to be a real winner to hit someone in the back of the head just to steal their iPod, but it takes quite the criminal mastermind to seek out t...
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David Schwimmer Helps Police Solve A Case In New York City
At about 5:48 a.m. on Monday, a fight broke out at an apartment building in the East Village. Robert Rainey, 21, broke into a man’s apartment and st...
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Scotty McCreery: ‘American Idol’ Winner Victim Of Home Invasion
Country music star and American Idol alum Scotty McCreery was a victim of a robbery that took place on Monday morning. The incident happened in an apa...
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Woman Mugged On TV In Ironic Fashion
When complaining about the lack of police protection for citizens, few things can drive the point home quite like being robbed on the air. This actual...
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Man Robs Same Store After Jail Release
In a move that sounds like something out of Raising Arizona, a man has been hauled off to jail after robbing a Stride Rite shoe store. Make that, haul...
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Gilford Beatty Went To Jail For 5 Robberies He Didn’t Commit; How Could 5 Eyewitnesses Be Wrong?
Gilford Beatty, a man from Houston, Texas, was charged with five robberies that he did not commit. The legal troubles all began when he received a pho...
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Lufthansa Heist: 5 Mobsters Arrested For Crime
Today a man alleged to have been involved in the 1978 Lufthansa heist at John F. Kennedy airport, New York,  is among 5 men taken into custody by t...
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Miss Venezuela And Ex-Husband Shot Dead By Robbers
Former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear was shot dead, alongside her ex-husband Thomas Henry Berry during an attempted car robbery, police said Tuesday. Th...
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Two Teenage Girls Take Selfies Before Robbery
When you’re a teenager influenced by a hubris culture, taking a picture of yourself (a “selfie” as they say) and your friend wearing ski masks a...
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Bullet Hits Smartphone, Saves Gas Station Clerk’s Life
A Winter Garden, Florida gas station clerk was shot in the abdomen on Monday morning, and today he is alive after only sustaining minor injuries. He c...
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Belmont, NC Drug Store Standoff Ends Peacefully
In a story that should be hailed as a shining example of two police departments working together towards a nonviolent goal, the Charlotte Observer rep...
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Cal Ripken’s Mom Fends Off Man With Gun
Cal Ripken, Jr.’s 75-year-old mother was the victim of an attempted carjacking on Tuesday. Fortunately for Vi Ripken, she was able to think quic...
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Bank Robbers Google ‘What Happens If You Rob a Bank’ Because of Course They Did
There’s a joke out there that most internet users would rather die that have their Google search history revealed to the public. Or, there’...
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