5G Smartphone Will Account for 50% of Revenue by 2025

5G may still be in its infancy, but 5G phones will account for 50% of smartphone revenue by 2025.

FTC Unanimously Embraces Right to Repair

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has “unanimously voted to ramp up law enforcement against repair restrictions.”

Biden Preparing to Direct the FTC to Create ‘Right to Repair’ Rules

President Joe Biden is preparing to direct the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to create “right to repair” rules.

Congressman Joe Morelle Introduces Right to Repair Bill

New York Rep. Joe Morelle has introduced right to repair legislation, in a bid that could have a major impact on device manufacturers.

New York Senate Passes Right to Repair Bill

The New York Senate has become the first state to pass a Right to Repair bill, a big win for consumers.

Massachusetts Passes Ballot Opening Auto Industry Repair Data

Voters in Massachusetts have approved a ballot that would force automakers to allow independent shops to access extensive vehicle data and make repairs.