Uber Built A Very Anti-Fragile Business, Says Jason Calacanis

Early Uber investor Jason Calacanis says that unlike Lyft, Uber built a very anti-fragile business with the combination of Eats and Rides and has become relentlessly focused.

There Is No Change Coming To Lyft, Says Co-Founder – Despite Ruling

Lyft co-founderJohn Zimmer is extremely confident the court ruling that found California Proposition 22 unconstitutional will be overturned on appeal. “If you look at California Constitution we feel very confident in the way the ballot initiative was written,” says Lyft…

Uber Will Treat UK Drivers As ‘Workers’ After Supreme Court Loss

In a world first, Uber will treat its UK drivers as “workers” after losing its case before the British Supreme Court.

Uber and Lyft Prevail In California Proposition 22 Fight

California’s Proposition 22 is poised to pass, securing the current business model for gig economy companies.

Lyft Co-Founder Says Rides Are Still Down 50%

John Zimmer, co-founder and President of Lyft, discusses the impact of the pandemic on Lyft, noting that daily rides are still down by half since March 2020.

Uber CEO: Will Shut Down In California Until Voters Decide

If the judge and a court finds that we are not and they don’t give us a stay to get to November then we will have to essentially shut down Uber until the voters decide.

Uber CEO: We Are Working On Dashcam Technology

Dashcams and in general taping rides, etc. is actually technology that we’re working on says Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi. I really would like to get something that balances safety and privacy, but it’s a lot of work to do so.

Uber CEO Reveals Formula To Profitability

Scale is the primary driver toward profitability, says Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi. It’s getting big. It’s a combination of growing top-line over 35 percent, technology innovation to delight the customer and take costs down at the same time, and then good old fashioned efficiency, making sure that our corporate costs don’t grow as fast as our revenue.

Uber Hits 2 Billion Rides Milestone

Uber reached the 2 billion ride milestone on June 18, just 6 months after hitting 1 billion according to Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. “It took five years to reach our billionth trip, six months to reach the next billion ……