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Tag: ride-sharing

Didi Free to Accept New Signups As China Ends Tech Crackdown
In a sign that China's war on tech is finally over, ride-sharing service Didi is once again free to accept new signups....
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Social AI? Uber Researchers Propose New Language Model
Researchers at Uber are proposing a new artificial intelligence (AI) language model that emphasizes positive, social interaction....
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California Law Kills Uber and Lyft And The Entire Gig Economy
The law will ban hundreds of different professions and especially the hundreds of thousands of jobs created by the gig economy over the last decade....
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Uber CEO: Will Shut Down In California Until Voters Decide
If the judge and a court finds that we are not and they don’t give us a stay to get to November then we will have to essentially shut down Uber unt...
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Coronavirus: Uber Business Taking Hit, Has Enough Funds
In a call to investors, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has said the company is losing significant business because of the coronavirus, but has enough fund...
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Uber Taking LADOT to Federal Court
Uber is taking its battle against the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) over customer data to federal court....
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How Grab Scales to Huge Demand While Staying Stable
Grab, a Singapore based Uber type service, is so popular that if their IT infrastructure didn’t remain stable during peak usage transportation w...
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Uber Now Profitable In Hundreds Of Cities Globally, But Spending It All On China
The CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick, told The Financial Times that Uber is profitable except for its investments in China and other new markets. Uber is ...
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Lyft Is Doing That Whole Carpooling Thing Too
On Tuesday, on-demand ride company Uber unveiled UberPool, a new service that allows users to split fares with strangers who are planning on traveling...
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Uber Wants to Get You Riding in Cars with Strangers
Uber has a super ambitious goal to “provide transportation so inexpensive and reliable, people can actually sell their cars.” And while Ub...
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Lyft Had a Rocky Start in NYC Over the Weekend
Fresh off its kinda victory on Friday in New York City, Lyft launched in all five boroughs to much fanfare. Unfortunately, high demands coupled with a...
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Uber Driver Accused of Sexual Assault in DC
Despite implementing a ‘safe rides fee’ earlier this year, stories about Uber passengers experiencing anything but safe rides continue to ...
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Lyft Launching in NYC After Making Concessions
The battle of Lyft vs. New York City – mainly its Taxi and Limo Commission – has finally produced a resolution. Lyft will launch in all five borou...
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Lyft Slapped with Restraining Orders Hours Before NYC Launch
According to a report, both the New York City Taxi and Limo Commission and the state Attorney General have filed temporary restraining orders against ...
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Lyft Launches Friday in NYC Despite Regulatory Pushback
Lyft is not backing down in its quest to bring its on-demand car service to the Big Apple, despite warnings from the city’s Taxi and Limo Commis...
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Uber Driver Takes Riders on High-Speed Chase in DC
A New Yorker says he was kidnapped by an Uber driver in Washington DC and taken on a high-speed chase. The D.C. Taxicab Commission has confirmed an in...
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Virginia DMV Tells Uber, Lyft to Cease ‘Illegal Operations’, Suggests They Focus on Lobbying
The state of Virginia is none too happy at on-demand car services Uber and Lyft operating, in its mind, outside the framework of its passenger carrier...
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