Napster Merges With Rhapsody

It’s a sad day for fans of old school file-sharing, as Napster is no more. Starting yesterday, Napster officially began merging with Rhapsody, the largest on-demand music service in the United States. Back in October, Best Buy, the parent company…

Napster Acquired by Rhapsody

Rhapsody announced today that it has agreed to acquire Napster from Best Buy. That includes the subscribers and “certain other assets” which remain unspecified. For the acquisition, Best Buy gets an also unspecified minority stake in Rhapsody. As a result…

Spotify Hits 175,000 Paid Members Says Source

Two things have launched in the past month or so that sent people into a frenzy to acquire invites. First, Google+‘s invite system had the internet community in a virtual freakout with people finding ways to game the system as…

Who Will Be the Apple of Streaming Music?

Since April, Rhapsody has gained over 100,000 net new subscribers. The total number is upwards of 750,000. The company estimates that there are around 1.5 million US music subscribers, which means that it has captured around half of the market. While mobile has helped fuel their growth, Rhapsody is also speaking with cable television companies.

Rhapsody Updates iPhone Offering Offline Playback

Rhapsody has introduced a new version of its iPhone app that allows users to store subscription music in the phones memory and stream it when they don’t have an Internet connection.

Rhapsody says it is the first U.S. service to allow people to download subscription music to the iPhone. By downloading playlists directly to the device, users can listen to Rhapsody from any location.

"Today marks a turning point for Rhapsody and subscription music," said Jon Irwin, Rhapsody’s president.