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Milla Jovovich Teases Resident Evil Pic. Looking for Razzie Redemption? [Pic]
Milla Jovovich starred as Alice in the video-game-to-big-screen crossover hit Resident Evil in 2002. Now, after five Resident Evil franchise films, Jo...
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Milla Jovovich Hopes To Inspire Other Pregnant Women
Milla Jovovich took to her Facebook page on Tuesday to share some of what is going on with her second pregnancy. At 39, Milla Jovovich is currently aw...
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Milla Jovovich: ‘Resident Evil’ Star Plans Post-Baby Body
Milla Jovovich, known for her role as Alice in the Resident Evil series of films, weighs in at a healthy 170 pounds at the moment, but is already plan...
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Milla Jovovich Is Expecting A Baby Girl
Milla Jovovich looked radiant on the red carpet for the amFAR LA Inspiration Gala on Wednesday. It did help that she was sporting Hollywood’s ho...
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Milla Jovovich Expecting Her Second Child
Milla Jovovich has revealed that she and her husband Paul Anderson are expecting their second child together! Milla and Paul welcomed their first daug...
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Milla Jovovich Puts Off “Resident Evil” For Cupcakes
Milla Jovovich has inhabited the role of zombie-slaying Alice in several Resident Evil films, and while there is another film currently in the works, ...
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Milla Jovovich Wants Another Baby. Now.
Milla Jovovich has baby fever something fierce. The 38-year-old mother of one wants to be a mother of two before she gets any older. “I want to ...
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Milla Jovovich Has One Thing On Her Mind — Another Baby
Milla Jovovich is only thinking of one things these days and it’s not acting or modeling or anything else for that matter. The one thing she is ...
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Capcom To Announce New Dino Crisis This Year [Rumor]
After Capcom released Resident Evil in 1996, it sparked a number of imitations within the company itself. One of the more popular was 1999’s Din...
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Resident Evil Revelations Gets Some Unique Features On Wii U
Going against the recent trend of third-party developers skipping out on the Wii U, Capcom has decided to bring its HD remake of Resident Evil Revelat...
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Resident Evil: Revelations Is Classic Horror According To Its Developers
Resident Evil has seemingly lost its way. Resident Evil 4 started the move away from true survival horror, but the next two installments pretty much d...
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Resident Evil 6 For PC Gets Exclusive Mercenaries Mode
Resident Evil 6 was critically panned when it first launched, but that hasn’t dissuaded Capcom from releasing the PC port in March. In fact, the...
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Resident: Evil Revelations HD Remake Gets A Trailer
Earlier this morning, word came out of Capcom that it was bringing Resident Evil: Revelations to consoles and PC in May. It was welcome news after the...
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Resident Evil Revelations Coming To Consoles And PC In May
2012 was a mixed bag for Resident Evil fans. Earlier in the year, we got Resident Evil Revelations for 3DS. It was a pretty fantastic game that captur...
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New Resident Evil 6 DLC Coming December 18
It used to be that the replay value of a Resident Evil title came from playing as a different character or trying to beat the game in the shortest amo...
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Resident Evil 6 Gets Patched Up In December
Resident Evil 6 took a beating from critics and players upon its release. I found the game to be pretty fun, but it definitely has some issues. Capcom...
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New Resident Evil 6 Trailer Shows the Interplay Between Characters
If you’ve seen any trailers yet for Resident Evil 6, you’ll know that the game begins with a massive biological attack on a major city. To...
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Resident Evil 6 Demo Hits Xbox Live And PSN Today
Resident Evil 6 is one of the more popular titles to come out this holiday season. The demo that shipped with Dragon’s Dogma was an absolute bla...
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Milla Jovovich: New Resident Evil Is “Incredible”
If anyone knows about the “Resident Evil” films, it’s Milla Jovovich. She’s kicked zombie butt through five films now as Alice...
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Resident Evil 6 Faces Its Toughest Critic In Conan O’Brien
It’s been well documented that Conan O’Brien is the greatest game critic of our time. His reviews of Minecraft and Skyrim are some of the ...
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