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Best Law Schools Where Students Enroll
The U.S. News and World Report released a list of the top law schools where students are more likely to enroll in after being accepted. The top three ...
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Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom Report Theft
Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom may not be an item anymore, but it looks like the two are still dealing with issues including burglary at the home th...
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Big Surprise: iOS And Android Continue To Dominate
In the smartphone wars, there can be only two – iOS and Android. While alternatives like Windows Phone and Firefox OS are making some decent hea...
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Free Credit Report Offered To Target Customers
After the breach of Target’s security system, that left many of their customers who used debit and credit cards vulnerable to hackers, Target ha...
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Twitter Looks to Make It Easier to Report Abusive Behavior in Wake of Controversy
Last month, we all got to see just how brutal online abuse can be when a feminist activist was subjected to some pretty serious threats due to her out...
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Activist’s Twitter Rape Threats Lead to Arrest, May Result in New Abuse Reporting Mechanism
Late last week, The Bank of England announced that the face of author Jane Austen would adorn the country’s new 10-pound notes – some time...
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Average Global Internet Speeds Are Still Increasing
Most of us in the U.S. love to rag on our ISPs and blame them for what we perceive as painfully slow Internet speeds. Our ISPs certainly do deserve th...
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Mozilla, Foxconn Team Up On Firefox OS Tablet [Report]
Foxconn is best known as the manufacturer of the iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices that begin with a lowercase “i.” The massive manufac...
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Global Internet Speeds Have Increased Yet Again
Every quarter, Akamai releases a report called “The State of the Internet.” In the previous report, Akamai found that broadband speeds had...
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The iPhone 5S May Come In Multiple Sizes [Report]
One of the most prevalent rumors surrounding the next iPhone is that Apple is working on a larger phone. Some suggest that the larger display won̵...
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Xbox Special Event Planned For May 21 [Report]
After Sony revealed the PlayStation 4 in February, everybody turned to Microsoft expecting a reveal of the next Xbox. Previous rumors suggested an Apr...
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Nexus 7 Successor With Qualcomm CPU To Launch In July [Report]
It’s pretty much assumed at this point that Google will be showing off the new Nexus 7 at Google I/O next month. Now we just need to know its sp...
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FCC Report Shows ISPs Are Mostly Delivering What You Pay For
Once a year, with no specific schedule in mind, the FCC offers up a report on broadband quality in America. It’s part of the Commission’s ...
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iPad 5 To See Complete Redesign, Will Launch In October [Report]
The iPhone 5 was the first major change to Apple’s iconic mobile device since the iPhone 4. The move to a 4-inch display was the most noticeable...
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There Will Be 12 iPad Mini Models At Launch [Report]
The iPad Mini is the worst kept secret in tech this year. Leaks and reports have pretty much confirmed the device will be launching sometime this mont...
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Google Edges Out Facebook For Best Global Website 2012
Facebook’s good, but not that good according to’s recent findings. Google passed the social networking giant this year to ta...
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Report: LinkedIn Members Ready for CES 2012 Innovations
With CES shaking up the tech world in Las Vegas this week, a new report from LinkedIn reveals that business professionals are more than willing to get...
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The Most Followers Assembled On Twitter
Sysomos released a new social media report today which looks deeper into ...
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Fifty Percent Of The US Population Have A Social Media Profile(s)
A new study released today shows that consumer use of social networking web sites is not...
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