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Tag: regulations

FAA’s New Drone Rules Could Be Bad for Business
The Federal Aviation Administration is poised to propose new rules for commercial drones by year’s end, and if they look anything like what the ...
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Comcast & Time Warner Cable Pass Time Awaiting Merger Approval by Helping Give Award to FCC Commissioner
Do you pay a lot for cable and internet? Neat, me too. Check this out. You’ve probably never heard of it, but The Walter Kaitz Foundation is a d...
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Lyft Had a Rocky Start in NYC Over the Weekend
Fresh off its kinda victory on Friday in New York City, Lyft launched in all five boroughs to much fanfare. Unfortunately, high demands coupled with a...
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Lyft Launching in NYC After Making Concessions
The battle of Lyft vs. New York City – mainly its Taxi and Limo Commission – has finally produced a resolution. Lyft will launch in all five borou...
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Lyft Slapped with Restraining Orders Hours Before NYC Launch
According to a report, both the New York City Taxi and Limo Commission and the state Attorney General have filed temporary restraining orders against ...
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Lyft Launches Friday in NYC Despite Regulatory Pushback
Lyft is not backing down in its quest to bring its on-demand car service to the Big Apple, despite warnings from the city’s Taxi and Limo Commis...
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Filmmakers Ask FAA to Let Them Make Movies with Drones
The Motion Picture Association of America has facilitated the requests of seven different “aerial photo and video production companies” to...
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FDA’s E-Cigarette Regulations Manage to Disappoint People on All Sides
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration currently regulates your traditional forms of tobacco–cigarettes, cigarette tobacco, and smokeless tobacco. Of...
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Same-Day Flowers by Drone? Not on the FAA’s Watch
The Federal Aviation Administration has put the kibosh on one Commerce Township-based flower delivery company’s plans to deliver bouquets by fly...
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FCC May Greenlight Mid-Flight Cell Calls
Could you soon be permitted to call your loved ones while flying the friendly skies? According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the Federal C...
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The Skies Get Friendlier As FAA Relaxes Rules on PEDs
As expected (in fact, a bit earlier than expected), the days of airplane passengers being forced to power down all of their portable electronic device...
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FAA Ready to Lighten Up on Electronics
By next year, you shouldn’t have to power down all of your electronics when you board an airplane in the United States. As expected, the FAA is ...
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FCC Providing Broadband To Poor Families Through Lifeline
The FCC is reforming and modernizing their Lifeline program that provides telephone service to poor families across the nation. On their Web site toda...
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Nationwide Ban On Cellphone Use While Driving Proposed By NTSB
According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), “distracted driving is becoming the new DUI; it’s becoming an epidemic.̶...
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New Online Poker Legislation Introduced in the House of Representatives
Are the wheels in motion for a federal overhaul of the online poker business? According to a release from the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initia...
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Apple’s Lithium Batteries Protected After House Vote
The House of Representatives has passed legislation that would bar new rules concerning the transportation of lithium batteries.  The proposed new ru...
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