Is Social Media Hurting Our Culture?

With Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other popular social websites woven into both our personal and business lives, it is clear that society has become dependent on social media. Technology companies and marketers are, of course, advocating this dependence since it…

Vint Cerf Fears Internet Regulation from the UN

Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist and one of the “fathers of the internet,” Vint Cerf, spoke before Congress last month to express his concern about some countries and government entities’ attempts to exert an authority over the internet. Testifying as part…

Mobile Privacy: Who’s Responsible for the Concerns?

As smartphones become more prevalent, mobile privacy issues also become much more of a concern. The root of the issue is with the user data that the apps collect. Consumers obviously want a great user experience, but they also want their data – personal information- respected, which makes for a challenging situation.

Why CISPA Could Do More Harm Than Good

Are you familiar with the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act? The bill, which is more commonly known as CISPA, is getting a considerable amount of criticism from both Internet and consumer advocates. Many of these groups are equating it with SOPA and are hoping that it will receive the same outcome.

Is Antitrust Enforcement as Regulation Harming American Companies?

Antitrust is quickly becoming a buzzword in the technology space as companies such as Google, Apple, and others are being investigated. The Federal Trade Commission is currently looking at Google in regards to claims that it is using its search power to favor its own products in search results.

National Taxpayers Union Says Americans Oppose Search Engine Regulation

The debate surrounding search engines and regulation only seems to be increasing with recent developments. Various privacy and consumer groups have encouraged the government to intervene claiming that consumers need to be protected. Although some investigations are pending, the feds have not stepped in with any action yet.

SEMPO: FTC Shouldn’t Regulate Google and Other Search Engines

As companies continue to call for regulation of Google, search industry organization SEMPO has come to the search engine’s defense. The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization recently sent a letter to FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz in an effort to explain why regulation is not a good idea.

Netflix Password Sharing A No-No in Tennessee

Recently, I let my mother “borrow” my Netflix login information so she could watch the new Sherlock Holmes series on Netflix Instant, a seemingly innocuous act. To me, it’s no different than renting the disc and inviting friends and family…