The Netflix Exodus Begins As New Prices Take Hold

The tumultuous 2011 for Netflix appears to be taking its toll as subscribers move away from the movie rental business because of dissatisfaction concerning price and subscription changes, alterations that, when announced, rocked the Internet to its core. While Netflix…

Netflix Price Increase Infuriates The Interwebs

I’m sure that when the people over at Netflix submitted their blog post about the new prices yesterday, they expected some level of backlash. How could they not? In short, they turned a service that cost $10 into a service…

Netflix Raises Prices, What’s Next For Users?

Today, Netflix dropped the bomb that it was doing away with its unlimited streaming / DVD combo plan in favor of separate plans for each service. Users (myself included) that want unlimited streaming options as well as 1-DVD-at-a-time rental enjoy…

Netflix Users: Time Warner Considering Delays Longer Than 28 Days

Netflix and Redbox customers might have to wait even longer to get a Warner Bros new release from their queue, as Time Warner is thinking about upping the wait time.

Would you consider dropping Netflix if they don’t feature timely new releases? Let us know.

Redbox Now Offering $1.50 Blu-ray Rentals

Coinstar’s Redbox announced today that it is has started rolling out Blu-ray rentals. The company says titles will be available at 13,300 kiosks nationwide.

Redbox May Soon Look for its Slice of Netflix’s Online Pie

Netflix appears to be facing increasing competition from all sides. In addition to long-time rival BlockBuster, retailer-based rental services and Hulu’s recently launched Hulu Plus paid service, Coinstar’s Redbox is reportedly looking to launch an online strategy.