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Feedly Pro Launches with Search, HTTPS, and Better Support
Feedly, the RSS reader that took an early and substantial lead when everybody went shopping for a Google Reader replacement, has finally taken the vei...
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Apparently, Larry Page Didn’t Give a Damn About Google Reader, So It Died
When we talk about the story of Google Reader’s tragic demise, there’s the corporate excuse, the speculation, and the additional speculati...
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RIP, Google Reader. So, What Now?
R.I.P., Google Reader – 2005-2013. It’s better to burn out than it is to fade away, right? For many Google Reader users, this will feel li...
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You Can Retrieve Your Google Reader Data Until July 15th
If you’re a Google Reader user, you know that the service officially went offline yesterday, July 1st. We knew it was coming – Google gave...
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Digg Reader Rollout Starts Today, iOS App Coming Tomorrow
As announced, today, June 26th, Digg is beginning to roll out their new Digg Reader in beta. The first invites have already gone out to their survey p...
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‘Facebook Reader’ Has Been in the Works for Over a Year [REPORT]
Even before Google announced their decision to shut down Google Reader, Facebook was already hard at work developing a Flipboard-style news reader, ac...
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Could Facebook Be Working on an RSS Reader?
Developer Tom Waddington, who has a history of finding stuff buried in Facebook’s code, has found something there that makes him believe that Fa...
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Digg Reader Will Not Be a Standalone App, Launching By the End of June
Digg’s new RSS reader will be out in about a month – but it won’t be a standalone app. Instead, Digg’s new reader will simply ...
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Digg Is Probably Going to Charge for Its Google Reader Replacement
Digg has just published the results of part 2 of their user survey into what makes a good RSS reader. It’s all part of their quest to build a Go...
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Digg’s Google Reader Replacement Will Be Fast, Simple, and Play Well With Social Media
Just hours after Google made the unsurprisingly unpopular decision to kill off Google Reader on July 1st, Digg announced their plans to build their ow...
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Save Google Reader Petition Quickly Tops 100,000 Signatures
Within hours of Google announcing that they would be shutting down Google Reader on July 1st, a handful of petitions popped up that urged the company ...
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Digg: We’re Building a Reader to Replace Google Reader
If you were wondering which RSS reader is going to step up and fill the void left when Google yanks Google Reader out from under us on July 1st, Digg ...
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