Raspberry Pi Plans to Go Public

Raspberry Pi is preparing for a public listing, capping the remarkable journey of what started as a way for students to learn computing.

Supply Chain Issues Lead to Raspberry Pi’s First-Ever Price Increase

Raspberry Pi has announced it is raising its prices — for the first time ever — as a result of supply chain issues and component shortages.

Raspberry Pi 400 Is a $70 Desktop PC In a Keyboard

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has just released the Raspberry Pi 400, a desktop PC in a keyboard.

Raspberry Pi 4 Gets 2GB of RAM For $35

The Raspberry Pi 4 just received a RAM upgrade, bringing it to 2GB for the same price as the 1GB version: $35.

Don’t Give Your MacBook To A Monkey

Monkeys are incredibly intelligent creatures capable of wielding tools and solving simple problems. That doesn’t mean they should be trusted with consumer electronics though. In a promo video for a new DIY computer project called Kano, the team put a…

Looking For A Cheap Linux Board? Try The BeagleBone Black

Linux can run on just about anything. That’s why projects like the $25 Raspberry Pi are so exciting. Just about anybody can now own a Linux PC and start writing code. Of course, some may want something a bit more…

Minecraft Pi Edition Is Ready To Teach You Coding

One of Mojang’s more interesting projects of the last few months has been Minecraft Pi Edition. It’s a free version of Notch’s smash indie hit developed specifically for the Raspberry Pi. It’s been a few months in the making, and…

Open Source Computing Brings Everybody’s Favorite Droid To Life

I think we can all agree that R2-D2 is one of the most lovable robots ever created. Compared to his more terrifying contemporaries, the little guy just oozes charm. Now one man has made his very own R2-D2 using a…

Minecraft Coming To Raspberry Pi, Will Be Free

Minecraft is an absurdly popular video game, but it’s becoming much more than that. Teachers are beginning to use it in the classroom to teach basic STEM skills, and Mojang will soon use it to teach basic programming. Mojang announced…

Check Out These Photos Of Near-Space Taken By A Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is one of the coolest computing innovations of the last few years. It’s a simple ARM-powered Linux computer that only costs $25, yet can already do so much. The initial goal was to use the Pi as…