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Tag: Qwikster

Netflix To Give DVD Service A Little Rebranding
Netflix just released its earnings report for Q4, and DVDs are still contributing what the company considers “roughly stable” profit at $1...
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Netflix CEO Gets Big Raise in 2011
Netflix, who has seen some rocky patches in the last long while, just reported that CEO Reed Hastings got a 68% raise in stock options last year, rega...
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Netflix Now Offering DVD-Only Plan
Netflix is now offering a DVD-only subscription plan, starting at $7.99 per month. Santosh Hegde, Director of DVD Engineering at Netflix, states that ...
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Netflix Drops Qwikster: Here’s The Internet Reaction
Netflix might be waking up to the reality that no matter what they do nowadays, it’s going to piss off a large percentage of their customers. Re...
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Netflix Dumps Qwikster Idea, Keeps DVDs
You may recall a couple weeks ago when Netflix announced it would be separating its DVD-by-mail service into a separate entity called Qwikster. Yeah, ...
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Has Netflix Addressed Its Qwikster Twitter Troubles?
UPDATE: It looks like the account @QwiksterTweet has been suspended by Twitter. ORIGINAL ARTICLE: I’m sure, by now, you’ve heard about Net...
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Netflix, Qwikster Controversy As Explained By Sandwiches
Do you ever get so perplexed by something that you start to think of strange ways to apply the same logic? You know, real word examples of philosophic...
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Qwikster to Netflix: Show Me The Money
Before you pour your derision on me for the Jerry Maguire title reference, let me explain: I simply thought that a mid-90s mod-techie company name lik...
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Netflix, Qwikster, Xbox Live on Windows 8 and Hot Wheels
Today’s edition of the daily top videos article has mostly tech-related stuff, but it also has Netflix apologizing for the way it’s handle...
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Qwikster, Netflix’s New DVD Service, Not Winning Any Name Awards
UPDATE: @Qwikster responds to his new fame. Imagine a couple – a nice couple that truly loved each other and shared a virtually drama-free relat...
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Netflix DVD Service Becomes Qwikster
As you may know, Netflix recently announced that its DVD-by-mail and streaming services, once available to customers together as one package, would be...
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