Tumblr: We’re One Of The Top Ten Sites In The U.S.

Tumblr announced today that it has become one of the top ten sites in the U.S. and has a worldwide audience of 170 million people (based on Quantcast data). The 170 million appears to be rounded up from 168 million,…

Quantcast: Android’s Market Share Near 20 Percent

Look for (or hide from) more debates about the iPhone and Android devices.  Even as Apple fans prepare for all the hoopla surrounding another iPhone launch, it seems that Android’s achieved another victory, with Quantcast putting its U.S. market share up by a significant amount for May.

Seven-Year Google Vet Goes To Work For Quantcast

It’s time for another personnel-related announcement, and this morning, Yahoo and Microsoft are off the hook.  Instead, it’s Google that someone is quitting, as a longtime employee of the company has decided to leave it in favor of a newly created position at Quantcast.

Quantcast Finds Chrome, Firefox Have Trouble At Home

Here are a couple odd facts for you: compared to people everywhere else, folks in North America dislike Chrome.  And individuals who live in Mexico, the U.S., and Canada are unusually big fans of Internet Explorer.  That’s what new Quantcast data implies, anyway.