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Sony Makes $15M Settlement Over 2011 PSN Hack
In April of 2011, Sony’s PlayStation Network was hit with an “external intrusion,” prompting a massive shutdown amid concerns that p...
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PlayStation Store Discounts Tomb Raider, Dungeons & Dragons In Second Week Of Holiday Sale
Last week, the PlayStation Store started up its weekly holiday sale where a number of games would be heavily discounted in the weeks leading up to Chr...
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PlayStation Store To Heavily Discount Games For The Holidays
The best part about the holidays for gamers is the ridiculous amount of sales that take place between Black Friday and Christmas day. While Black Frid...
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Sony Resetting Some PSN Passwords After Detecting “Irregular Activity”
It’s been two years now since the PSN was down for a month following an attack orchestrated by members of Anonymous. Since then, Sony has done e...
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Amazon Opens Its Own PlayStation Network Store
From its humble beginnings in 2006, the PlayStation Store has grown from one of the most basic digital storefronts into one of the best. Frequent sale...
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Every PS4 Comes With $10 PSN Credit, Free Month Of PS Plus
We’re only a week away from the launch of the PS4, but Sony still has some surprises in store for those who are buying the console during the la...
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Sony Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of Rain
Last year, Sony announced two new original titles from its Japanese development studios. The first was Puppeteer – a platformer featuring a smal...
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LulzSec Hacker Responsible For Sony Hack Gets A Year In Prison
In 2011, LulzSec was a name that everybody knew. They were the hacking group behind the PlayStation Network hack of 2011 that brought the service down...
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Sony Hit With $395K Fine Over PSN Hack From 2 Years Ago
PlayStation fans may remember a dark time from almost two years ago when the PSN went down for almost a month. The cause? A massive cyberattack that c...
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Final Fantasy Sale Coming to PSN in Europe This Week
Sony today announced that most of the Final Fantasy series titles that can be found in the PlayStation Store will be half-off this week. The sale will...
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Demon’s Souls is Coming to PSN Next Week
It’s taken a while, but game publishers have finally come back around to the realization that gamers really are gluttons for punishment. Where e...
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Darkstalkers Resurrection Brings Back Capcom’s Best Fighting Franchise
Everybody has a favorite Capcom fighter. Some like the elegance of Street Fighter whereas others like the fast and furious gameplay of Marvel vs. Capc...
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Tokyo Jungle Launch Trailer Released
While we’re all waiting those last few weeks until the year’s major holiday launch titles begin rolling out, it’s good to remember t...
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Anonymous Probably Didn’t Hack The PSN Again
Here we go again. The Twitter feed for YourAnonNews just alerted everybody to a PasteBin dump that claims to have hacked the PSN. The guy behind it sa...
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PS3 To Get Increased PS2 Library….In Japan
That day that a lot of people have been waiting for is finally upon us. The day that you can go to the PSN store and download your favorite game from ...
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PS Vita Firmware Update v1.8 To Add PS1 Support
Maybe Sony is listening after all? After a very long time and a lot of griping by fans, Sony has finally announced an upcoming firmware update for the...
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PS Plus Instant Games For July Gets Detailed
The Playstation Plus program was invented to both get some extra cash for Playstation, and to give the loyal followers a discount program. During E3 t...
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PSN Summer Sale Means up to 50% Off Games Next Week
Summer can be a bleak time for gamers. The blockbuster titles that were delayed past last year’s holiday release dates have already came and wen...
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Youtube App For PS Vita Now Available
I have written quite a bit about the problems that the Playstation Vita has been having. Since the launch of the handheld system, the numbers of units...
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PS3 System Software Update (v4.20) Out On June 26th
One of the biggest gripes about the Playststion 3 has been that sometimes it feels like every single time you turn on the system you have to do a syst...
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