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Ivana Trump Said She Was ‘Raped’ By Donald Trump, Believes He Will Make A Great President
Ivana Trump thinks her ex-husband Donald Trump will be the next U. S. president. Ivana was having dinner with designer Domenico Vacca at Le Bilboquet ...
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GOP Wishing Donald Trump Would Go Away?
The GOP is having a hard enough time as it is. The last thing they need is an opportunistic also-ran like Donald Trump distracting voters. Donald Trum...
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Ivanka Trump Gets Her Wish As Donald Trump Runs For President
Ivanka Trump surely knew. About a week ago the daughter of billionaire Donald Trump told CNBC’s Closing Bell that she hoped her father would run...
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Ben Carson Isn’t Yet Running, May Not Win, But Can’t Lose
Gatewood Galbraith was a perennial candidate in Kentucky for years. The Lexington-based attorney is something of a folk hero in the state, especially ...
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Medium Now Counts Barack Obama Among Its Users
The White House announced that the president has joined Medium, the blogging platform Twitter co-founder Evan Williams launched roughly a year ago. Li...
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Mitt Romney Says He Is The Best Option For President
Most politicians like to talk about themselves and brag about how good they are at what they do. Mitt Romney has been pretty blunt with his feelings a...
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Obama Approval Rating Hits New Low in California
With unrest increasing throughout many parts of the world and in the U.S., President Obama’s national approval ratings continue to hover in the ...
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Obama Approval Rating Doesn’t Do Democrat Candidates Any Favors
A recent Rasmussen poll shows President Barack Obama’s approval rating numbers leave a lot to be desired. The numbers from the Rasmussen Daily Track...
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Jimmy Carter Calls Out Climate Skeptic Nutcases
In 1979, President Jimmy Carter became the first president to install solar panels on the White House. At the time, the nation was facing an impending...
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Bill Clinton Still the Cock of the Walk
Bill Clinton’s second term in office may have been plagued by scandal. The Monica Lewinsky discovery coming at the end of a long bout of investigati...
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Janelle Monae Has Secret Video Of Obama Dancing
Janelle Monae has some serious blackmail on President Barack Obama! While at the Democratic National Committee fundraiser on Wednesday, July 23, Obama...
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Hillary Clinton Drops Blatant Hints About Running
Ordinarily, when Hillary Clinton is being asked about her plans to run for president in 2016, she is very coy about the whole thing. She pivots effort...
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Monica Lewinsky: Can She Help Hillary’s Campaign?
There are certain people who will probably never be able to outrun the reputation they have gotten in this celebrity-crazed society. Whether deserved ...
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Elizabeth Warren Won’t Run For President
Senator Elizabeth Warren has left little room for doubt that she has no plans to run for President in 2016. In fact, many Democrats are now shifting t...
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George W. Bush a Better President Than Obama, According to New Poll
President Obama’s approval poll numbers have been sitting at low levels for months now. The botched roll-out of the Affordable Care Act (Obamaca...
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Obama Slur Forces Police Commissioner To Resign
A police commissioner of a New Hampshire town has resigned after admitting to using a racial slur to describe President Obama. 82-year-old Robert Cope...
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1805 Letter Penned by Thomas Jefferson Goes on Sale
A July 24, 1805 letter written by United States Founding Father and President Thomas Jefferson went on sale for $35,000 in Philadelphia. The Raab Coll...
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Sarah Palin Challenge Hillary for President?
Sarah Palin is a firebrand. She was the darling of the political Right during the 2008 race for President of the U.S. Interestingly, she wasn’t ...
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Joe Biden: Could We Get a President Gaffe?
“An hour late? Oh, give me a f**king break!” –Joe Biden Anytime you bring up Joe Biden’s name, the first word out of the mouth of ...
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Chelsea Clinton: The First Woman President?
Chelsea Clinton has lived in the political spotlight for most of her life. Her parents have both been actively involved in politics, so it just makes ...
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