Lawmakers May Block FCC’s Ligado 5G Decision

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently voted unanimously to allow Ligado to deploy a low-power 5G network, and lawmakers are not happy.

DOJ Inspector General Lends Support to Microsoft’s JEDI Win Over Amazon

The Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General (IG) has reviewed Microsoft’s JEDI win and found no interference by the Trump administration.

Next Mining Venture: The Moon and Asteroids

President Trump signed an executive order further solidifying U.S. policy toward mining and resource acquisition in space.

President Trump Signs Laws to Improve Broadband Availability and 5G Security

President Trump signed two bills into law Monday, aimed at improving both 5G security and broadband availability.

Coronavirus: Senators Express Privacy Concerns Over Google Screening Site

It was bound to happen: Senators have expressed concern about Google’s role in developing a site to help screen potential coronavirus patients.

Coronavirus: Google Scrambling to Catch Up to Trump’s Announcement

President Trump surprised Google Friday, saying the company was working on a coronavirus web portal. Now the company is scrambling to catch up.

Coronavirus: Trump Administration Bans Travel, Cargo From Europe

President Trump addressed the nation Wednesday evening, walking back comments he has previously made and unveiling sweeping measures to address the coronavirus threat.

Not So Fast: Amazon Likely to Win Defense Contract Lawsuit

U.S. Court of Federal Claims Judge Patricia Campbell-Smith says Amazon is likely to win its lawsuit challenging Microsoft’s win of a coveted Pentagon contract.

Amazon Wins Temporary JEDI Injunction

A federal judge has sided with Amazon imposing a temporary injunction preventing Microsoft from working on the Pentagon’s JEDI contract.

U.S. Space Force Completes First Nuclear-Capable Missile Test

BGR is reporting that the newly formed U.S. Space Force has just conducted a successful nuclear-capable missile test. As BGR points out, there’s nothing specifically interesting about a routine missile test. What makes this one stand out is that it…