Tilman Fertitta: New York Restaurants Are Not Going To Last

Landry’s CEO Tilman Fertitta said on CNBC that at only 25% maximum capacity New York restaurants are going to go out of business.

PPP Is Not Enough To Save Travel Industry

%%excerpt%% The Paycheck Protection Program does not provide enough capital for a typical hotel owner to get us to the other side of this government-mandated lockdown on travel says Peachtree Hotel Group CEO Greg Friedman.

Mark Cuban: Some Banks Actively Not Taking PPP Loan Applications

There are some banks who are actively trying not to take applications and to minimize the number of loans they make through the program says investor Mark Cuban. This is despite the fact that it pays a five percent commission for the loans made on the small businesses.

Nearly Half of Southern Republicans Think Obama is a Muslim: Twitter Reacts

Honestly, I thought we’d had this discussion already, but America is again talking about the religious background of our elected Big Cheese. The discussion has taken itself over to Twitter, where the phrase Obama is a Muslim is trending. The…