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Tag: Poland

Polish Boy May Have Set Hypothermia Record
A 2-year-old Polish boy was found face down and unconscious Sunday in sub-freezing temperatures, and was placed into a medically-induced coma to bring...
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Google Takes Action On Link Network In Poland
For the past year or so, Google has been on a warpath when it comes to link networks, particularly in Europe. That is still going on, it would seem. B...
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Google Continues Link Network Attack
It would appear that Google’s attack on European link networks is not over (if it ever will be). Google has been penalizing link networks on the...
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Google Moves Link Network Focus To Poland
Google continues to wipe out link networks across the Internet, apparently on a country-by-country basis. Earlier this month, Google’s Matt Cutt...
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White Lion Triplets Born – Rare Sight!
A Zoo owner in Boryszew, Poland just got the cutest surprise when three white lion cubs were born to rare white lion parents. Andrzej Pabich has the h...
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Rare White Lion Triplets Born in Poland
White lion triplets have been born at a private zoo in Poland. The head of the zoo in Borysew, Andrzej Pabich, says that the lions’ mother, 2 ½ yea...
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Auschwitz Visited by Knesset to Mark Liberation
On June 14, 1940, the first Jewish prisoners were transported to Auschwitz, a concentration camp constructed by the Nazis. As these 20 Jews, along wit...
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Vampire Cemetery Found in Poland
The idea of vampires has been romanticized in the United States for decades. While there is almost always the element of evil involved, time and again...
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Firefox OS Launches In Poland Tomorrow
Firefox OS is already out in Spain thanks to Mozilla’s partnership with Telefonica. Now the new mobile OS will be coming to more of Europe with ...
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Google Maps Updates Imagery for Assorted Places
Google Maps announced that several parts of the world will now have high-resolution satellite photos as well as a couple of places in the United State...
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Euro 2012 Stadiums: a Street View Preview
The European Championships, which start next week, are being co-hosted this year by Poland and Ukraine. Ukraine will host the final in the Olympic Nat...
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Google Maps’ 45° Imagery Update Pleases Historians, Monkees Fans Alike
Google Maps has waved its Wand o’ 45° Imagery again, this time bestowing another 26 cities with fully rotatable views. As I’ve said befor...
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Wladyslaw Stanislaw Reymont Honored in Poland with Google Doodle
Google in Poland is honoring nobel prize winner Władysław Stanisław Reymont on the anniversary of his birthday today. Reymont is best known for his...
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Google Maps Adds Street View To Poland; Adds Warsaw, Cracow
As a boon for travelers, you cannot deny that Google Maps has become a great companion for preparing for trips. They’ve made a habit of waving t...
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ACTA: Polish Parliament Protests With Guy Fawkes Masks
ACTA blew through the European Union yesterday with Poland perhaps receiving the largest backlash. Poland saw massive protests yesterday due to the go...
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