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Tag: PlayStation 4

Sony Announces $50,000 PlayStation Bug Bounty
Sony has announced it will pay significant bug bounties for PlayStation 4 bugs....
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PlayStation 4: GameStop Donates Systems To Charity
PlayStation 4, the ever-coveted game system that boasts hi-fi graphics, is in the headlines this week after retail giant GameStop announced they would...
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Limited Edition PS4 Celebrates 20 Years Of PlayStation
Can you believe that the PlayStation brand is 20 years old? What started out as Sony’s attack on Nintendo for reneging on an agreement to co-pro...
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Battlestar Galactica’s Sackhoff Voices EVE: Valkyrie
Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff is starring in CCP Games’ upcoming multiplayer virtual reality dogfighting shooter, EVE: Valkyrie, p...
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PS4 Games: Which Ones Are You Picking Up This Week?
PS4 games are not exactly a commodity at this point in time. Sony’s new console is less than six months old and it still only has a handful of g...
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‘Titanfall’ Tops March Game Sales; PS4 Outsells Xbox One
March video game sales estimates for the U.S. have been released by market research firm NPD and it appears that Microsoft’s investment in the h...
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Sony Has Sold 7 Million PS4s Since Launch
Sony has time and time again said that it’s having trouble keeping the PS4 on store shelves. It’s been that way since launch and the deman...
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Minecraft Coming to PS4, Retail For PS3
Ever since its release in 2009, Minecraft has grown to become one of the biggest gaming phenomenons in history. The popular multiplayer sandbox game r...
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Upcoming inFamous: Second Son Update Includes Frame Rate Cap Option
Sucker Punch came out of the gate swinging with inFamous: Second Son. The PS4 exclusive has already sold through a million copies and is easily the pr...
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Mercenary Kings Is April’s Free PS4 Game
PlayStation Plus has paid for itself time and time again with a number of free games on the PS3 and PS Vita each month. Even more value was added with...
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1,000 Developers Are Now Making PS4 Games
It was just a little over a year ago that Sony announced the PS4 with only a few vague promises and a drastically different controller. There were ske...
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There Are Over 100 Games Coming To The PS4 In 2014
There’s a reason Sony has been so friendly with indies these past few years. Sure, it’s good to play nice with the next generation of game...
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PlayStation 4 Update Coming Soon
For the past two months now Microsoft has been detailing and releasing major updates to its Xbox One console. The updates have included everything fro...
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Sony Brings VR To The PS4 With Project Morpheus
The Oculus Rift was the first piece of hardware to make virtual reality cool. The only problem is that it’s not coming to consoles any time soon...
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inFamous: Second Son Proves Next Gen Isn’t All About The Graphics
Let’s go back to February of last year. Sony revealed the PS4 for the first time and its main focus was on two things – ease of developmen...
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Here’s 8 Minutes Of inFamous: Second Son Gameplay
After a few months without a major release, Sony is about to release inFamous: Second Son for PS4. Originally planned as a launch title, Second Son is...
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‘CounterSpy’ Coming to PS4 This Summer
Sony has kept the PlayStation 4 indie game train rolling this week with the announcement of Counterspy for its latest console. According to developer ...
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Sony’s VR Tech Will Be At GDC Next Week [Report]
After years of sloppy execution and terrible movies, the Oculus Rift finally made virtual reality viable in 2013. Going into 2014, Oculus won’t ...
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‘Fez’ Coming to PlayStation Consoles in March
It’s another week and Sony is once again announcing the release date for an indie game that is coming to the PlayStation 4. This time the game i...
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PlayStation 4: Six Million Consoles Sold
Sony Confirmed this week that six million PlayStation 4 consoles have now been sold since the console launched last November. The news comes less than...
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