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Women Use More Social Media, But the Gap Is Closing
Social media use is higher than it’s ever been – across the board. This we know. But is there a marked gender difference in it? According to P...
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Pinterest’s Daily User Count On The Rise
Earlier, we looked at research from Pew Research Center showing that more people are using Instagram every day. Well, the same is true for Pinterest. ...
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Infographic Looks At How People Use Twitter for News
We know that Twitter is looking to get into the breaking news game in a big way. People already use Twitter as a main source for their news, and the c...
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Only 60% of Parents Admit to Facebook Spying on Their Teen
In what appears to be a study conducted in a room full of liars, Pew reports that only 60% of parents admit to checking up on their teenagers via soci...
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Email Named Most Important Tool For Work
Remember years ago when social media really started coming into its own, and people thought it might one day replace email? It didn’t take incre...
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Google-Backed SurveyMonkey Teams Up With Pew, Westat
SurveyMonkey, one of the initial companies in Google Captial’s portfolio, announced that it has teamed up with Pew Research Center and Westat to...
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‘Severe’ Online Harassment Affects Nearly Half of Those Targeted
If you’re active on social media, discussion sites, or comment boards, there’s a very high probability that you’re familiar with onl...
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Driverless Cars More Popular Than Lab Meat and Brain Implants, At Least
The Pew Research Internet Project just published the results of a big survey on “science in the next 50 years,” and the general finding is...
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Selfies Really Are As Mind-Numbingly Popular As You Perceive Them to Be
If you asked me, my off-the-cuff answer to “what percentage of your Facebook feed consists of selfies” would be about half. Same goes for ...
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The Internet Has Been Good For Society, According to Most Americans
Pew Research has just unveiled the results of a massive survey about the internet to mark the 25th anniversary of the creation of the World Wide Web. ...
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Ebook Readers Still Love to Turn a Real Page
Ebooks still haven’t killed off print books, just in case you were wondering. Years ago, when ebooks and ereaders first began to climb in popula...
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2% of Americans Think Brian Williams Is Joe Biden
Brian Williams has been the anchor of the NBC Nightly News for over 9 years – the top-rated NBC Nightly News. He was also a reporter and weekend...
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Pew: Half Of U.S. Facebook Users Use It To Get News
The Pew Research Center, in collaboration with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, has put out a study about the role of news on Facebook, fin...
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Online Dating, Ex-Stalking on the Rise Says Pew
Pew has just published a pretty expansive study on “dating digitally,” where they look at shifting views on online dating and looking for ...
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More Than One Third of Americans Own a Tablet
The number of Americans who own tablets is rising – fast. According to a new report from Pew, 35% of Americans aged 16 and older own a tablet, u...
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Do You Google Yourself? If So, You’re in the Majority
If you say that you never give in to temptation and Google yourself, well, there’s a pretty strong chance that you’re lying. According to ...
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15% of American Adults Don’t Use the Internet – And Most of Them Never Will
A new survey out this week from the Pew Research Center found that 15% of American adults (age 18 and older) do not use the internet or email. At all....
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15% of Americans Don’t Use the Internet
You’re reading this article. You probably checked your email at some point this morning. You also posted a Facebook update, checked your Twitter...
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Twitter Use Up 125% from 2010 among American Adults
The last three years have seen a surge in Twitter use among American adults. That’s the latest finding from Pew’s Internet & American...
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Six Percent Of American Adults Use Reddit, Shows Study
Reddit is huge. Need proof? How about a recent Pew study that said 6 percent of all online American adults use the site. The study, which was publishe...
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