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19 Kids and Counting: Duggar Petition Site a Scam To Collect Email Addresses?
When the Duggar’s show 19 Kids and Counting was finally officially cancelled by TLC, fans of the show were livid. They took to comment sections ...
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Michelle Duggar Is Not Going Down Without A Fight
Michelle Duggar is not going down without a fight! The matriarch of TLC’s series 19 Kids and Counting is countering a petition that was created ...
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19 Kids and Counting: Duggar Homophobia Petition Doubles Signatures Overnight
An online petition asking TLC to cancel the Duggars’ 19 Kids and Counting reality show saw its support numbers double overnight last night. The peti...
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HIMYM Alternate Ending May Quell the Agitators
This weird thing called democracy sure has its problems sometimes doesn’t it? After the ninth season finale of the CBS series How I Met Your Mot...
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Petition Calls For Denmark To Ban Bestiality
The past two years have not been good for zoophiles in Europe. In 2013, Germany passed a bill banning bestiality and Sweden banned the practice earlie...
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Ozzie Smith and Budweiser Want to Make Opening Day a National Holiday
The White House’s We the People website is no stranger to odd petitions. After all, it was just last month when the White House was petitioned t...
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Teen Starts Petition: Make Plus-Size Disney Princess
Ever notice how Disney Princesses all resemble one another? Jewel Moor, a junior in high school from Farmville, Va., noticed their larger-than-life ey...
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Deport Justin Bieber? Why The Petition Is Pointless
Many people who cannot stand Justin Bieber’s music, voice, face or behavior absolutely understand the sentiment that went into the formation of ...
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Duck Dynasty: #ISTANDWITHPHIL is Back on Twitter
Phil Robertson’s hashtag is back on Twitter #IStandWithPhil. The social media forum has apologized for “accidentally” blocking the l...
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Twitter Removes Block From Phil Robertson Petition
Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson supporters were surprised to see an unsettling message on their Twitter pages, when they tried to link to “IStandWit...
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Erin Cox Alongside Friends and Family Fight Back
Sometimes doing the right thing is apparently the wrong thing to do. Or as Oscar Wilde once said, “No good deed goes unpunished.” Several ...
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Tim Tebow Rally Held by Jacksonville Fans
At 3:16 PM today, a group of Jacksonville Jaguars fans decided to hold a rally, which was to last for 3 hours and 16 minutes (all allusions to Tebow&#...
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Mozilla Launches Petition Telling The NSA To Stop Watching Us
Mozilla has always been a staunch proponent of privacy. Its position hasn’t won the non-profit a lot of corporate friends, and its next move won...
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Tebow Fans’ Plea Hits White House Petition Site
The White House’s online petition website has been used to promote both serious and silly ideas since its debut. Petitions to build a death star...
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White House Finally Responds To CISPA Petition, Says Cybersecurity Legislation Must Respect Privacy
CISPA is all but dead once again, and the Senate is moving ahead with its own cybersecurity legislation. That doesn’t mean the fight is over tho...
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Over 94,000 Consumers Want Verizon To Drop Contracts
Wireless carrier contracts are just a way of life. Well, they used to be until T-Mobile rebranded itself as the unCarrier by getting rid of two-year c...
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David Hasselhoff Wants to Save the Berlin Wall
It’s a well-known fact that David Hasselhoff is big in Germany. Now, “The Hoff” is seeking to preserve a piece of German history. Th...
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Anti-CISPA White House Petition Crosses 100,000 Signature Threshold
After CISPA returned in February, privacy advocates started a “We The People” petition asking the White House to stand against the controv...
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Gatorade Contains Flame Retardant No More: PepsiCo To Remove Controversial Ingredient
You may not know this, but certain citrus flavors of Gatorade contains an ingredient called brominated vegetable oil. The bromine chemical in the ingr...
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YouTube Users File Petition To Allow For The Use Of Third-Party Recording Tools
Should YouTube users be allowed to rip the content they like to their hard drive, much like a person would use a DVR to record a television show of in...
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