MySpace’s VP Of Corporate Communications To Leave

Today is not likely to be remembered fondly by members of MySpace’s PR department.  One of the most visible people on MySpace’s payroll announced this afternoon that she is leaving, and to complicate the situation, Dani Dudeck is actually the company’s vice president of corporate communications.

Yahoo’s Head Of Advertising Platforms To Leave Company

Although it’s hard to imagine that any company keeps all its employees forever, it looks like Yahoo continues to be worse than average in terms of retaining important people.  This afternoon, a report revealed that Bill Wise, who is in charge of Yahoo’s Advertising Platforms business, will leave the same as so many before him.

Twitter Names First CTO, Hires New VP Of Engineering

Twitter’s workforce grew in terms of both size and impressiveness this week.  The company has named its first CTO (promoting a current employee), and also hired someone away from Palm to act as its vice president of engineering.

Yahoo Names Next Chief Product Officer

Well, that didn’t take long.  Less than two weeks after Yahoo announced that chief technology officer and chief product officer Ari Balogh would be leaving the company, a semi-replacement’s been named: Blake Irving, a former Microsoft exec.

Microsoft’s Ad/Publisher Group To Get New Head

In less than one month, a change in leadership will occur within Microsoft’s Advertiser and Publisher Solutions group.  Scott Howe, the corporate vice president currently in charge of it, is set to leave on May 14th, with Rik van der Kooi replacing him.

Google Loses Chinese Exec To Baidu

It’s almost a waste of space to state that Google is a good employer; the fact is widely known, and people all over the world apply there on a regular basis.  However, in a move that may speak to how the search giant is faring in China, an important research executive has gone to work for Baidu after quitting Google within the past couple weeks.

Yahoo’s CTO Gives Eight-Week Notice

Believe it or not, another very important Yahoo exec has decided to leave the company.  Ari Balogh, who serves as Yahoo’s chief technology officer and executive vice president of products, has announced that June 3rd will be his last day.

Ex-Ask CEO Joins LinkedIn’s Board Of Directors

At least in terms of percentages, LinkedIn’s board of directors expanded by quite a bit today.  Indeed, it grew 25 percent thanks to the addition of Skip Battle, who served as the CEO of between early 2001 and the middle of 2005.

Facebook Names Manager Of Custom Data Center

Facebook moves fast.  On January 21st, the company broke ground on a custom data center in Prineville, Oregon.  Now, it’s named the facility’s manager, and proven with a handful of photos that construction is coming along quite nicely.

Yahoo Arranges Transfer Of 200 Employees To Microsoft

Although it’s unlikely that anyone’s printing up new business cards just yet, it looks like Microsoft and Yahoo have decided how to deal with the post-partnership personnel situation in at least one country.  According to a Yahoo exec, about 200 of Yahoo’s engineers in India will switch companies.