Dropbox Makes It Easier To Edit PDFs on iOS

Dropbox announced that its iOS integration with Adobe is live, enabling users to easily edit PDFs stored in Dropbox. This was announced for desktop last month. It’s part of a partnership the two companies made designed to make it easier…

Microsoft Office Online Gets A Bunch Of New Features

Microsoft took the opportunity on Wednesday to run down a list of features that have either rolled out very recently or are in the process of rolling out. One is Insights for Office. This lets you right click on a…

Google Adds PDF Viewer To Chrome Beta Channel

Four and a half months ago, Google indicated that it was developing an "integrated PDF viewing experience" for Chrome.  Now it’s arrived – sort of.  An integrated PDF viewer has at least been introduced to the beta channel.

The beta channel represents a step forward versus the developer channel, anyway.  Plus, although there are presumably some quirks left to iron out, it sounds like Google’s done a nice job of designing the viewer.

Google Moves To Reconcile Chrome, PDFs

Love ’em or hate ’em, PDFs are far from rare.  Legal documents, official letters, and corporate reports – among many other things – are often found in this format rather than any other.  It’s important, then, that the Google Chrome team has begun to take PDFs into account.