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Tag: PC gaming

Goat Simulator Launch Trailer Parodies Dead Island
Dead Island was one of the biggest disappointments of 2011. The game itself wasn’t bad – it was actually quite good. The disappointment ca...
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Microsoft Hasn’t Given Up On PC Gaming Just Yet
In August of last year, it looked like Microsoft was finally getting serious about PC gaming again when it hired former Steam boss Jason Holtman. Thos...
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Titanfall Is About To Get A Little Prettier On The PC
Titanfall is not an ugly game. It’s not exactly a pretty game either. Its use of the decade old Source engine ensures that it sits somewhere in ...
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Alienware, Crytek Team Up on Lighting Software
By and large PC gamers simply want the best hardware they can afford to play the best-looking and best-performing games on any platform. Like with any...
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‘Shadowrun Returns’ Expansion Out Today
In the early days of gaming Kickstarter projects, Shadowrun Returns was one of the most successful. Gamers and industry figures watched as Harebrained...
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‘Deus Ex: The Fall’ is Coming to PC
Square Enix today announced that Deus Ex: The Fall will be coming to PC on March 25. The game will be available through Steam on that date and will co...
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‘Daylight’ Coming to PS4, PC on April 8
Leave it to the indie market to pick up the slack from larger publishers. The Amnesia series has proven that the survival horror genre is not dead, sp...
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Harmonix Unveils “Music Driven” Shooter ‘Chroma’
It’s been years since the Rock Band and Guitar Hero have been relevant. Like true rockstars the plastic instrument genre was a sensation that ca...
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Jason Holtman Leaves Microsoft After Only Six Months
Microsoft and PC gamers aren’t the pals they once were. With the introduction of Games for Windows Live, Microsoft ensured that pretty much ever...
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‘Shadowrun Returns’ Expansion Coming February 27
As one of the earliest Kickstarter video game campaigns, Shadowrun Returns has been quite a success story. Developer Harebrained Schemes managed to mo...
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PC Gaming Revenue to Hit $24 Billion by 2017
Throughout the last few years console game revenue has been falling. Much of this has been attributed to the rise of smartphone and tablet gaming, tho...
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SimCity Is Finally Getting An Offline Mode
One of the biggest blunders of 2013 was the launch of EA’s SimCity reboot. The PC game required an always online Internet connection which the d...
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‘Metal Gear Rising’ Coming to PC on January 9
Early in 2013 Konami released Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for consoles. Breaking away from the traditional “tactical espionage action” ...
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Steam Holiday Sale Has Begun, ‘Arkham Origins’ Half Off
During this year’s Black Friday holiday shopping weekend, PC gamers were treated to this year’s Steam Autumn Sale. As expected, this sale ...
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‘Star Wars Attack Squadrons’ Announced For PC
Though Star Wars games in recent years have been more about role-playing and dancing, Star Wars games do have a bright history of arcade-style space c...
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‘Just Cause 2’ Multiplayer Mod Comes to Steam
Grand Theft Auto V wowed gamers this year with its massive video game representation of Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. The fictional Los Santo...
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Steam Machines Will Ship Out On Friday, Beta Participants To Be Notified Today
Earlier this year, Valve introduced the world to its vision of bringing PC gaming to the living room with SteamOS and Steam Machines. While hardware m...
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‘The Walking Dead: Season 2’ is Coming to PC on December 17
The sequel to one of the most critically-acclaimed games of 2012 will be released in less that two weeks. More specifically, the second “season&...
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‘Final Fantasy VIII’ Out Today on PC
Square Enix today announced that Final Fantasy VIII has been released as a downloadable title for PC. The game can be found on Steam and currently cos...
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Here’s The First Third-Party Steam Machine
Earlier this year, Valve announced that it would be getting into the “console” market with the Steam Machine. As its name implies, it take...
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