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Google Starts Testing Password-Free Logins Using Your Phone
Passwords — especially weak ones or those used across multiple systems — can create all kinds of vulnerabilities and security headaches fo...
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HBO Star Steals Parents’ HBO GO Password Just Like You Do
Mark Duplass, creator and star of the new and well-received HBO series Togetherness is just like you. He also steals borrows someone else’s HBO ...
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LinkedIn Settles Lawsuit Over Massive Password Leak
LinkedIn has settled a class-action lawsuit filed shortly after the social network allowed over 6.5 million passwords to be exposed by Russian hackers...
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Florida Man Posts Stolen Nude Photos to Victim’s Mom’s Facebook Page
Florida Man, the world’s worst superhero, is at it again. This time he’s engaging in some real top-shelf creepster activity, “hackin...
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Have A Uplay Account? You Might Want To Change Your Password
If you play any Ubisoft game on the PC or consoles, you probably have a Uplay account. It’s required on the PC and console gamers get perks for ...
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MD5crypt Password Scrambler Not Safe, Says Creator
One of the more interesting things revealed to the public during the LinkedIn password leak debacle is the fact that entire forums exist where black-h...
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Chrome Password Generator Aims To Protect Your Accounts
Passwords on the Internet are a necessary evil. They can help protect your accounts, but are easily stolen by various means. People, including myself,...
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