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Tag: parachute

Parachute Introduces Superlock, Prevents Others From Stopping Your Video
Parachute has introduced a new feature, Superlock, that is designed to stop an unauthorized user from killing your live-streamed video....
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Bachelorette Contestant Eric Hill Dies
Eric Hill, a contestant on the popular ABC marriage-game reality show The Bachelorette has passed away due to injuries he’d sustained during a p...
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When Was the First Parachute Jump? Google Celebrates 1797 Feat with Doodle
Today, Google is devoting its homepage to André-Jacques Garnerin, a French balloonist who is credited with taking the first plunge in a frameless par...
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Man Skydives Without a Parachute
You’ve probably seen videos of people skydiving or base jumping using a wingsuit. This allows extreme sports enthusiasts to gain some lift while...
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