Companies Race to Fix Critical Zero-Day Vulnerability

Companies around the world are racing to patch a critical zero-day vulnerability that is among the worst ever found.

96% of Third-Party Cloud Container Apps Have Known Vulnerabilities

A whopping 96% of third-party cloud container apps have known vulnerabilities, highlighting ongoing cloud security challenges.

Microsoft Warns Customers of Major Azure Security Issue

Microsoft is warning impacted customers of a flaw in Azure Container Instances (ACI) that could allow individuals to access other customers information.

AWS Network Firewall Unveiled to Help Protect VPCs

AWS has unveiled the AWS Network Firewall in an effort to help customers protect their cloud-based virtual networks.

Google Cloud Releases New Security Tools

Google used RSA Conference to announce new security tools aimed at helping secure customers’ data and cloud services.

Modified Malware Hijacking WiFi Routers, Killing Competing Malware

Another day, another malware attack. ZDNet is reporting that a modified version of Gafgyt is targeting WiFi routers in a rather aggressive fashion. The malware in question has a long history of targeting known vulnerabilities in popular home and small-office…

How Palo Alto Networks Blocks 30,000 New Pieces of Malware Daily Via AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data

“The platform we have uses big data analytics and machine learning in the cloud to process and find all of the unknown malware, make it known and be able to block it,” says Scott Stevens, SVP, Global Systems Engineering at Palo Alto Networks. “We find 20-30 thousand brand new pieces of malware every day.”

Zero Trust Focuses On the Data That’s Key to Your Business

“The fundamental way you look at Zero Trust is it’s an architectural approach to how do you secure your network focused on what’s most important,” says Scott Stevens, SVP, Global Systems Engineering at Palo Alto Networks. “You focus on the data that’s key to your business. You build your security framework from the data out.”

Facebook Accounts For 80% Social Media Traffic World-wide

What type of social media site dominates a culture can say a lot about the people who use that site. Or the people. Or both. Without extrapolating any big conclusions from their data, Palo Alto Networks has taken a look…

Twitter Activity At Work Up 700% In Past 14 Months

Take one guess what you’re coworker next to you is doing right now. If you guessed that they’re putzing around on Twitter, you’re probably right. New research conducted by Palo Alto Networks, the network security company, reveals tremendous growth in…