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Tag: Page Speed

Google Adds AMP Data To Search Analytics
Google is rolling out a new feature in its Search Console letting webmasters drill down to see how your AMP pages are doing in Google Search. Google s...
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Google Webmaster Guy On The One Thing He’d Ask From SEOs
Gary Illyes, one of the faces of Google webmaster relations in the post-Matt Cutts era, gave an interview to Search Engine Journal discussing Accelera...
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Google Analytics Adds New ‘Speed Suggestions’ Report
Google announced the launch of a new Speed Suggestions report in Google Analytics. This can be found under Site Speed along with Overview, Page Timing...
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Today On The Matt Cutts Show: Page Speed As A Ranking Factor
In Google’s latest Webmaster Help video, Matt Cutts discusses page speed and whether or not it’s a more important factor for mobile than f...
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Mobile Site Speed To Be A Google Ranking Factor?
Google has clearly had it with sites that have lackluster mobile experiences. This week, the company took to its Webmater Central blog to discuss R...
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How Page Load Speed Impacts SEO And User Experience
Since Spring 2010 Google has used page load times as a factor in its search ranking algorithms. Google’s position is that faster-loading pages shoul...
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Google Takes mod_pagespeed Out Of Beta For A Faster Web
Nearly two years ago, Google unveiled mod_pagespeed, an open source Apache module tool for developers to help make the web faster. Today, Google annou...
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Google Analytics Gets New Site Speed Report, User Timings
Google announced today that it has added a new site speed report to Google Analytics, called User Timings. The report lets users track custom timings,...
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Leverage Browser Strengths For A Faster Site
We recently talked about reducing HTTP requests. Here’s a quick recap: Slow web pages impede your website’s goals; 90% of a typical web page’s s...
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Should You Block Google From Crawling Your Slower Pages?
Google’s head of web spam, Matt Cutts put out a new video discussing site speed’s impact on rankings. This is not the first time Cutts has...
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Want A Faster Website? Reduce Requests.
If your website consistently loads in under two seconds, congratulations!  It is in the small minority of sites able to meet the new threshold for pa...
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Google: Page Speed Affects Rankings In 1 Out Of 100 Searches
With PubCon going on, Google’s Matt Cutts tweeted out a link to what he calls “a special webmaster video for #pubcon”. It’s about how Google d...
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Google Page Speed Service Rewrites Your Pages
Google announced this morning that it’s releasing a new new web performance tool for webmeisters called Page Speed Service. This follows several...
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Google Announces Instant Pages, Loads Results Before You Click
Google made several big search announcements today, including Voice Search for the desktop and Search by Image for the desktop (like Google Goggles on...
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Google’s Page Speed Online Launched
Over at the Google Webmaster Central blog, they’ve announced “Page Speed Online,” which allows users to check out the performance of...
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Google Launches Page Speed For Chrome
Google said today it has released a Page Speed add-on for its Chrome browser. Chrome users can now receive Page Speed performance tips to make their s...
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Google’s Really Taking This Speed Thing Seriously
Google has placed a great deal of emphasis on speed for the last year or two, offering numerous tools and resources aimed at speeding things up. In...
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Google Adds Page Load Time Metrics to Chrome
As you probably know by now, Google considers ...
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Google Works with On Making the Web Faster has partnered with Google's Make the Web Faster team to make faster. This is relati...
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The Latest in Google’s Effort to Make the Web Faster
YouTube has just launched a "Speed Dashboard", which makes speed information about videos a...
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