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Tag: P2P

The Real Secret to Venmo is the Social Experience, Says PayPal CEO
The real secret to Venmo is that it's not just a payment transaction, it’s really a social experience, says PayPal CEO Dan Schulman. “It really is...
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Pirates More Likely To Pay For Digital And Physical Media Than Non-Pirates
There’s nothing worse than pirates who steal and share content freely without repercussion. That’s at least what the entertainment industr...
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UK Pirate Bay ISP Blockade Did Nothing To Stop Piracy
The entertainment industry is pretty short-sighted when it comes to finding solutions to piracy. They file a little lawsuit here and a little domain b...
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Head Of The RIAA Says ISPs To Implement Anti-Piracy Measures By July 12
Internet service providers are set to start clamping down on illegal file sharing this summer, according to the head of the RIAA. Speaking at the annu...
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File Sharing Company Caffeinated Mind, Acquired By Facebook
Facebook has acquired Caffeinated Mind, a company that makes a P2P file transfer system called Sendroid. The company says it does so by “making ...
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Government Introducing “Six Strike” System To Combat P2P Piracy
It used to be that if you were found to be downloading something off of a P2P network, you were sent a letter demanding that you pay a settlement or g...
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White House Throws Support Behind New Anti-Piracy Agreement
Not long after the news broke that top Internet Service Providers had agreed to a deal with the music and film industries to adopt a new, graduated re...
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Top ISPs Adopt Graduated Response to Piracy, Give Users Six Strikes
A couple of weeks ago, we told you about a new anti-piracy campaign being pushed by the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA). The ...
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AT&T, Comcast Preparing For Stricter Anti-Piracy Measures
Top Internet Service Providers and media groups are very close to a deal that would amount to one of the most serious anti-piracy measures to date. Ac...
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Hurt Locker BitTorrent Lawsuit Breaks Record
Just two weeks ago, a lawsuit targeting the Sylvester Stallone action flick The Expendables set the record for largest file-sharing suit ever. It targ...
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Netflix Top Internet Traffic Source in North America
Netflix is King of the Internets. At least, if you go by peak period traffic. A new report by Sandvine Intelligent Broadband Networks says that real-t...
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LimeWire and RIAA Settle for $105 Million
Late last night, the legal battles between LimeWire and the Recording Industry Association of America have reportedly ended. The P2P client will pay r...
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Huge BitTorrent Lawsuit Targets 23,000 “Expendables” Downloaders
United States Federal Judges are sending mixed messages when it comes to the legality of forcing ISPs to fork over customer information. Days after on...
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Who is Responsible for Illegal P2P Downloading?
Don’t hate the player, don’t hate the game – hate the messenger? In the latest round of who-can-we-sue, disgruntled “victims&#...
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P2P Music Sharing on the Decline?
The fight against digital music piracy seems to always be a step behind the current trends. When the doors were finally shut on Napster, some people *...
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