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Tag: OnLive

OnLive Debuts a Different Kind of Cloud Gaming
When OnLive launched in 2010 the company was one of the first to deliver on the promise of cloud gaming. Instead of PC gamers with rigs costing hundre...
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OnLive Debt Revealed to be $30-40 Million
The OnLive reorganization and layoffs last week were bizarre. The company issued no official statements at the time of the incident, leaving it to Twi...
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OnLive Re-formed as Half Its Staff is Re-hired
Just before the weekend began last Friday, rumors about OnLive began to leak out over Twitter. The convoluted story gleaned from OnLive employees was ...
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OnLive Reported to Have Laid Off its Entire Staff [Rumor]
[UPDATE] Gamasutra is confirming that all OnLive employees have been laid off. [ORIGINAL] Today OnLive, the company that offers cloud-based, streaming...
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Sony Officially Acquires Cloud Gaming Service Gaikai
One of the larger rumors to pop up before this years E3, was that Sony was going to purchase the online game streaming service Gaikai. The service, wh...
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OnLive Adjusts Service To Meet Microsoft Licensing Rules
OnLive has changed its popular OnLive Desktop service to bring it into compliance with Microsoft’s licensing rules. OnLive Desktop is now powere...
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tuCloud CEO Plans To Violate Microsoft Licensing, Provoke Lawsuit
Last week we brought you news that OnLive, a company that specializes in streaming PC games over broadband internet connection, was facing licensing t...
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OnLive Launches Touch-Controlled L.A. Noire
A touch controlled version of L. A. Noire is now available through OnLive and your favorite touch screen device. For those unfamiliar with OnLive, the...
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OnLive’s Windows 7 For iPad Service May Be In Trouble
OnLive, the game streaming company, announced the launch of their new technology in January that lets iPad 2 users stream a fully featured Windows 7 d...
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OnLive Streams Windows 7 To iPads
The unholy union of Windows and Mac shall be consummated with the appearance of Windows 7 on an iPad. Onlive, the company that made cloud computing co...
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CES 2012: OnLive Coming To Google TVs
OnLive, the company that allows the streaming of full PC titles through a broadband connection, have announced their support for Google TVs. The compa...
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OnLive – A Cloud Gaming Service Launches
The evolution of gaming has taken interesting turns in its relatively short history. We've gone from arcade machines, to home consoles, with the la...
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