Dumbest Online Recipe Receives the Most Smartass Comments Ever

Let’s be honest: online recipes are a minefield. Sure, the user ratings system employed by most online recipe sites help bring the cream to the top and push the crap to the bottom – but every now and then you’re…

Unselfish Reasons for Writing Online Reviews [Infographic]

We all like to share our experiences and writing an online review is one of the most effective and efficient ways to do it. I love online reviews, and judging by the amount available out there, so do a lot…

Peer Reviews Trump Advertising [Infographic]

It started out with larger purchases, I would go online and check to see what other people had to say. If the reviews were mixed, I would give it a try, but if they were overwhelmingly bad, it was off…

RateBeer Announces Best Beers of 2012, Over 3.5 Million Reviews

Online beer mecca RateBeer has just announced their Best of 2012 Awards, and a Belgian Quadrupel takes the blue ribbon. Westvleteren 12, a product of Westvleteren Abdij St. Sixtus, topped the list of 50 best beers. The beer, a RateBeer…

Mobile Devices Playing Larger Role For Holiday Shopping

Nearly one-third of Americans say while they are at a store looking at product, they tried to find a better deal on their mobile device, according to a new report from GfK Roper, conducted on behalf of SapientNitro.

Thirty-three percent say while out shopping, they email or texted someone to tell them about an experience at a store, such as finding a deal or gift. Nineteen percent have used their phone to post something to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or other social networking sites about their holiday shopping experience.

Social Media Users Aim To Influence Others

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of online Americans use social media, and the majority (84%) of social media users reveal information about themselves via social platforms, according to a new poll from Harris Interactive.

Yelp To Display Filtered Reviews

Local business review site Yelp said today it is taking steps to increase transparency about how user reviews are presented to consumers.

The move comes amid at least three lawsuits alleging that Yelp manipulates reviews based on whether a company advertises with the site.