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Tag: Online News

29% Of Millennials Can’t Recall Last Time They Read A Newspaper
Last week, a study from the Media Insight Project came out finding that millennials have little interest in paying for news. Now, Retale has some new ...
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Newspapers Support AP Fight Against Meltwater
A group of newspapers, including The New York Times, has lent its support to The Associated Press in a lawsuit against Meltwater, a company that scans...
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Newsweek Goes Strictly Digital After 80 Years
Newsweek, which has been in publication for nearly 80 years, is adopting an all-digital format. In 2010, the publication merged with online publicatio...
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Le Huffington Post Québec Goes Live
Today, Arianna Huffington announced the launch of the second Huffington Post expansion into a French language community, as Le Huffington Post Québec...
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New York Times Rolls Out New Online Prices
The New York Times is betting that there is a future in online subscription-based newspapers. Today, the venerable publication announces a subscriptio...
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Links Add Value That Print Can’t Match
Links are one of the biggest reasons that the print industry can't compete with web content. This is not a new revelation, but after reading ...
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Another Reason for Murdoch Not to Like Google
News Corp. Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch has had a lot of issues with search engines - most notably, Google. He has repeatedly...
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WikiLeaks Afghanistan Documents Show Internet’s True Power in News
The big news of the moment is that the site WikiLeaks has published over 90,000 secret military documents re...
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Do You Need Help Sifting Through All the News?
Many news consumers are increasingly relying on human-edited news aggregation and content curation to sift through their news and establish trust. ...
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Google Working on New News Content/Ad Models?
Update: Google has now released video of Schmidt's speech. Watch it and hear what Schmidt has to say right from him. ...
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Globalizing Local News From Mainstream to Citizen Journalists
Allvoices is an online news destination that features a mix of aggregated professional news content and citi...
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Wall Street Journal Launches Pro Edition For Consumers
Dow Jones & Company said today it has launched The Wall Street Journal Professional Edition for consumers. ...
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DOJ Supports AP Digital News Registry
The Department of Justice said today it supports a proposal by the Associated Press (AP) to develop and operate a voluntary news registry to manage...
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Google Gives Life to the Online News Story
Update: Google has now open sourced Living Stories, giving all developers the code to build their own living stories pages. This m...
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Google and AP Together Again
After a seven-week-long hiatus, Google is now hosting content from the Associated Press again. The two have had a deal in place in the past, but AP...
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Will Publishers Let Facebook Become the Web’s Biggest News Source?
I have a question for you. Where do you get the majority of your online news? Is it from a feed reader? Is it from Twitter? Is it from Google News?...
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Mark Cuban Updates His Stance on Google
Update: Cuban has now posted a len...
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Newsday Pay Wall Nets 35 Subscribers in 3 Months
There has been a lot of discussion about the fate of the online news industry lately, particularly since the New York Times announced that it will ...
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Google Explains Recrawling for Updated News
Google has a post up on the Google News blog today ta...
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Do Facebook and Twitter Threaten or Complement the News Industry?
Five reporters from radio stations in in Canada, France, Belgium, and Switzerland are going to spend five days locked in a French farmhouse with on...
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