COVID Has Had Lasting Impacts on the Consumer World

A new report shows just how widespread the impacts from COVID have been as consumers look toward a post-COVID world.

T-Mobile Money Expands to Sprint Users

Sprint customers now have full access to T-Mobile’s banking solution, T-Mobile Money, following their merger.

Online Banking: Tips To Make Life Easier

Online banking is a convenient option that most banks offer their customers. Online banking allows you to check your balance and pay bills online. If you aren’t a fan of making trips to the bank or are tired of keeping…

The Impact of Age on Online Banking Behavior

How much influence does age have online banking behavior? According to a recent report from McAfee, age actually plays a large role in how consumers conduct their online banking. McAfee recognized three distinct age groups that had distinct online banking patterns as well.

BankSimple Makes Mysterious “Key Hire”

BankSimple, the startup that’s supposed to disrupt the banking industry, has apparently made an important hire that may or may not have a direct impact on whether that actually happens. 

Zeus Trojan Arrests Show Cybercriminals Getting More Vulnerable

Federal and state authorities have reportedly charged over 60 people in connection with a global cybercrime scheme using the Zeus Trojan to steal millions of dollars from U.S. bank accounts. Trusteer, a secure browsing service, which claims to be in use by over 12 million online banking customers and protects over 70 banks, shared some commentary on the news with WebProNews. The company says it has deep visibility into criminal activity and the Zeus trojan. 

Online Banking Satisfaction Sees Slight Drop

Customer satisfaction with online banking dropped two points in 2010, from 83 in 2009 to 81 (on a 100-point scale), according to a new study by ForeSee Results and Forbes.

The study found that despite the drop, online banking still faired better than offline banking channels and most other online industries with the score of 80 considered to be the threshold for excellence.