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Tag: Oil

Sue Ann Hamm Plans to Appeal $1 Billion Settlement
Sue Ann Hamm, who was awarded roughly $1 billion in cash and assets in a divorce settlement this week, feels that she was entitled to more, and plans ...
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North Dakota Oil Fire Extinguished
A large fire that broke out at an oil supply and logistics company in Williston, North Dakota has been extinguished. The blaze, which ignited in an oi...
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Sonic Cannons Approved: A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing?
The Obama administration recently approved the use of sonic cannons that will be used to find oil deposits beneath the ocean floor. This could also al...
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George W. Bush Won’t Bash Obama On Iraq
George W. Bush is taking the high road. The former president could comment on Barack Obama’s weak foreign policy and blame that for the strength...
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Oil Cleansing And Pulling: 20 Minute Mouth Remedy
When a friend replied to me recently, saying he was busy “oil pulling” and would get back to me, I really didn’t want to know what that meant. H...
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Casselton Residents Allowed To Return Home
On December 30th, authorities ordered the evacuation of Casselton, ND residents after a massive train collision. A BNSF train carrying oil tankers cra...
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Mexico City Site Of Major Protest Over Energy Reform
The one year anniversary of President Enrique Pena Nieto’s inauguration saw tens of thousands of protesters take to the streets of Mexico City. ...
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Dmitry Medvedev Visits China, Strikes Oil Agreement
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has been on an official trip to China since tuesday, when he arrived in Beijing after an official invite from t...
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Talisman Energy Stocks Climb with Icahn Tweet
The Canadian global oil and gas production company, Talisman Energy, has seen its value slide over the past several years due to poor business plannin...
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African Billionaires Numbered at 55
In a recent study conducted by Ventures magazine, a Nigerian business magazine which champions capitalist developments in Africa, has identified at le...
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Gas Prices Are Dropping at the Pump
Many motorists have noticed something different when filling up their cars lately–gas prices at the pump are slowly going down. According to Gas...
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$1.5 Trillion In Oil Discovered In Gulf Of Mexico
Good news for the oil industry and big business! Nearly $1.5 trillion worth of crude oil was just discovered through drilling pipes in the Gulf of Mex...
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Oil Mislabeled in Canadian Train Disaster
Earlier this year, a freight train carrying North Dakota crude oil derailed and exploded in Canada. Now it seems the oil was mislabeled as a less dang...
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Petrobras Discovered as Target of NSA Spying
Globo, Brazil’s largest television network, has reported on its show “Fantastico” that according to the NSA documents leaked by Edwa...
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Al-Qaeda Plot to Bomb Yemeni Industries Foiled
The country of Yemen has foiled a plot by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (also known as Ansar al-Sharia). The plot comes in the wake of warnings fr...
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Analysts are expecting gas prices to rise
If you are going to be traveling, especially this weekend, you can plan on seeing gas prices at the pump ranging anywhere from 10 to 20 cents more per...
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Oil Prices Rise By $2, Egyptian Unrest Partially To Blame
Oil prices are volatile as always. The situation in Egypt isn’t making things easier as the violence in the country is causing the price to go u...
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China, Iraq Oil Partnership Has Donald Trump Fuming
When the United States sent troops into Iraq ten years ago with the intent of toppling Saddam Hussein’s government, many questioned whether the ...
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NASA Develops a 3-D Imaging Radar For Oil Spills
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) researchers have developed a method of using a specialized 3-D imaging radar to “characterize” the oi...
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Anonymous Targets Oil Companies in #OpSaveTheArctic
Anonymous has been really busy the past few weeks with operations ranging from stopping Internet laws in Japan to exposing Internet pedophiles in #OpP...
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