Microsoft Wins Permission to Provide Azure Access in Kuwait

Microsoft has received permission to provide cloud services in Kuwait, a big win for the company as it continues to expand its cloud business.

Wedbush: Microsoft’s Office Price Hike Could Raise Stock 18%

Wedbush analyst Dan Ives believes Microsoft’s Office 365 price hike could boost the stock price as much as 18%.

Standalone Microsoft Office Update and Text Prediction Coming Soon

Microsoft is preparing updates to its venerable office suite, including two big features: continued support for the standalone, non-365 version and text prediction.

Microsoft Azure Will Be Bigger Than Office In 2022

Microsoft Azure is growing by leaps and bounds, with at least one analyst predicting it will eclipse Office by 2022.

Microsoft Reports Stellar Quarter, Fueled By Cloud Earnings

Microsoft has reported its results for the quarter ending September 30, and it was good news for the company and its cloud business.

Microsoft Continues Cloud Hiring, Freezes Other Areas

As the global pandemic continues to take its toll, Microsoft is freezing hiring for many roles, but is continuing to hire for its cloud division.

Coronavirus: Microsoft Teams Tops 44 Million Users

Microsoft has announced that Teams has topped 44 million users as more individuals work from home and rely on virtual interactions during the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus: Microsoft Throttling Non-Essential Office 365 Features to Cope With Demand

As more work-from-home users rely on Office 365 during the coronavirus pandemic, Microsoft is scaling back and throttling some features in an effort to keep up.

Coronavirus: Pandemic Boon to Cloud Providers, Doom For Legacy Companies

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe, it’s proving to be a defining moment for cloud computing. At the same time, it could spell doom for legacy companies.

Microsoft Search Unveils Acronym Search Feature

TLA, TOS, GAAP, SEO, GDPR, CCPA, NTP, RTM—the acronyms in business are endless. Now Microsoft Search is making it easier for employees to find out what their companies’ acronyms means, according to a company blog post. Microsoft Search is an…

Google Acquires AppSheet, Leading No-Code Development Platform

Google has announced its acquisition of “AppSheet, a leading no-code application development platform used by a number of enterprises across a variety of industries.” Custom applications are an excellent way for businesses to meet their needs and adapt to an…

Bad News For Slack: AvePoint Raises $200 Million To Help Slack Customers Migrate To Teams

Software company AvePoint just raised $200 million to, in part, help Slack customers migrate to Microsoft’s Teams app, according to Business Insider and the company’s press release. Slack has been facing increased competition from Teams, with Microsoft’s app recently doubling…

Microsoft Slips Ads Into Windows 10 and This Time They Can’t Be Disabled

MSPoweruser is reporting that Microsoft has—once again—slipped ads into Windows 10 apps, including Mail and Calendar. Unlike previous instances, however, this time the ads cannot be disabled. The last time Microsoft placed ads in their flagship apps was over a…

Microsoft Shutting Down Cortana Apps For iOS and Android

Individuals who rely on iOS or Android Cortana apps will have to find a different option. On January 31, 2020, Microsoft will be shutting down the Cortana apps for iOS and Android. Instead of dedicated apps, Microsoft will be integrating…

Attackers Targeting People as Workloads Move to the Cloud, Says Proofpoint CEO

“The reality is that attackers are targeting people,” says Proofpoint CEO Gary Steele. “They’ve done it traditionally on email but it’s expanding as more and more applications or workloads are running in the cloud. That’s where people are and that’s where they can be targeted.”

Microsoft is Making Office 365 Better, Here’s What to Expect

Microsoft revealed last week that major updates are headed to Microsoft Office. These changes are for Office 365 and users and are expected to start rolling out beginning this month and will continue throughout the year. People can expect…

The Wait is Over! Microsoft Office is Now Available on Chromebook

It took a while but Microsoft Office is finally available for Chromebooks. Chrome Unboxed recently reported that Microsoft Office apps are now showing up in Google’s Play Store for Chromebooks. The apps are expected to roll out on Acer’s Chromebook…

Office 365 Connectors Now Available to All

Microsoft announced Office 365 Connectors in limited preview back in the fall, but is now opening the offering up to all customers. Connectors are available now, spanning services like MailChimp, Asana, GitHub, Stack Overflow, Aha, Zendesk, Salesforce, Twitter and UserVoice.…

GoDaddy Hits AppDirect For Office 365 Domain Offerings

GoDaddy announced that it is now live on AppDirect so small businesses can add custom domain names when purchasing Office 365 in AppDirect-powered marketplaces. With the news, service providers and VARs on AppDirect can provide domain names and email addresses…

Microsoft Unveils Updated Profile Experience For Delve in Office 365

Microsoft announced an update to Office 365’s people profile experience in Delve. According to the company, the update makes it easier to discover relevant content, connect with colleagues, and find experts within a user’s organization. “Delve is more useful and…