News Designed Just For The Tablet Computer

It is approaching the three year mark since Apple introduced the iPad and since that time tablet computers have become extremely popular. Well over half of tablet computer owners get their news from the tablet everyday as opposed to print…

Rick Fox on the Powerful Influence of the Web on Entertainment

It’s always exciting when high-profile personalities acknowledge the Internet space and the opportunities that exist on it. When this happens, it only helps to further validate what we, those of us involved in the Internet/tech space, live and breathe every day.

What Happens When You Sue Facebook? Ask Lamebook

How many times have you laughed out loud, literally, or, on the other hand, shook your head in disgust over your friends’ status updates on Facebook? I’m not usually a gambler, but I would bet that everyone is recalling specific instances right about now.

New Media is Like Ostrich Meat. Eventually, Your Kids Will Grow Up Eating It.

WebProNews recently spoke with popular radio and podcast personality Adam Carolla. After being fired from his radio show, he started a podcast and after just two weeks, it reached 2.4 million downloads. Some people consider him a pioneer in podcasting, but he doesn’t seem to really think of it that way. "I was doing a radio show, and then they fired me," he says.

New Media: It’s Just People.

Now that I’ve had time to regroup (a little bit anyway) after a long day of travel, I’d like to reflect a bit on the BlogWorld & New Media Expo that wrapped up over the weekend. If there was one thing to take away from the event, it is that creating good content and engaging with people are the ways to go if you want to succeed in blogging and new media. 

WikiLeaks Afghanistan Documents Show Internet’s True Power in News

The big news of the moment is that the site WikiLeaks has published over 90,000 secret military documents related to the war in Afghanistan. Posted on Sunday, the documents had previously been shared with three publications (under embargo): The New York Times, The Guardian, and Germany’s Der Spiegel.