Windows 8 Is Finally More Popular Than Vista

Since launch, Windows 8 has been hounded by an unavoidable fact – Windows Vista was still on more computers. The certifiable flop of an operating system had been all but abandoned with the launch of Windows 7, but Windows 8…

Windows 8 Adoption Is Slow Going, Windows Phone Cracks 1 Percent

According to Microsoft, the company has officially sold 60 million Windows 8 licenses. The number accounts for upgrades, individual purchase and the bulk purchases made by OEMs. It seems many of the latter licenses haven’t been put in use yet…

Internet Explorer 10 Adoption Slow Going, Still Strong Overall

In a perfect world, everybody who uses Internet Explorer would be on the latest version so all the problems affecting IE8 wouldn’t be happening. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on who you ask, IE10 is only available on Windows 8. That…

Windows 7 Still Most Popular OS, Windows 8 Use Slowly Increasing

Back in September, Windows 7 finally overtook Windows XP as the most popular operating system on the planet. It marked the end to an era that was dominated by the PC. Now its Windows 8 turn to capture the desktop…

Are Google Chrome’s Stats Inflated?

Earlier this week, it was announced that Google Chrome had overtaken Internet Explorer as the number one browser in use, and the world rejoiced. However, thanks to the grey area surrounding prerendered web pages, these results may be somewhat dubious.…

Net Applications: Chrome’s Market Share Jumps To 10.7 Percent

Whether or not any of us realized it at the time, the first month of 2011 was an exciting one when it came to Microsoft, Google, and the ongoing browser wars.  New stats from Net Applications indicate that some big changes took place, with Chrome gaining ground and Internet Explorer taking a hit.

Chrome Ends 2010 With Market Share Of 9.98%

Most recollections of 2010 will cover both ups and downs, or at least acknowledge that bad stuff occurred while focusing on the good.  But the Chrome Web browser enjoyed an overwhelmingly positive year, gaining market share 11 months out of 12 according to Net Applications, and the latest data indicates it ended 2010 with a share just shy of 10 percent.

Chrome Sees Market Share Gain In October

The latest browser-related stats from Net Applications are out, and October represented more of a trick than a treat for Internet Explorer and Firefox.  But in terms of market share, Safari gained a tiny bit of ground, and Chrome definitely came ahead.

On a month-over-month basis, Net Applications believes Chrome’s market share increased from 7.98 percent to 8.47 percent.  And pitted purely against itself, that gain represents an improvement of 6.14 percent, which is quite good for that short a period.

Chrome Gains More Market Share

Most major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera, didn’t fare well in February, losing market share.  Net Applications found that Chrome managed to attract more than a few new users, however, increasing its market share by 0.39 percent on a month-over-month basis.

Chrome Cruises By Safari

Last month, Google acknowledged Apple’s importance by releasing a beta version of Chrome for Mac.  New statistics show that Google sort of put Apple to shame, too, however, as Chrome passed Safari in terms of market share.