Will Google’s Navigation Interface Look Like This Soon?

Google is testing yet another redesign of its navigation interface. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that Google launched the current navigation interface, but that doesn’t mean they’re not exploring other options. Alex Chitu at Google Operating System was…

Google Launches New Arrow Key Navigation In Gmail

Google announced in a Google Groups thread that it has added arrow key navigation to Gmail. Google technical program manager Richard John Wu writes: Now, you can use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate your labels (the navigation panel on…

Etsy Makes It Easier To Find Stuff

Etsy has launched a new browsing experience for it shoppers with the addition of new “browse pages”. Etsy’s Hebo explains in a company blog post: A few months ago, we released a new way to browse items for Weddings. It’s…

TomTom Launching Full-Fledged Android App in October

Good news if you’re an Android user who wants more variety in their available navigation apps, as TomTom has just announced that a new app that includes navigation, map, and traffic data will hit Android OS in October. Pricing and…

Google Maps The Indoors

Remember paper maps? The kind that required olympic dexterity to hold and read competently and that never folded up as neatly as it was when it was brand new? Better yet, do you remember the last time you even used…

MapQuest Lets You Send Locations To Your Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury

AOL’s MapQuest announced a partnership with Ford Motor Company today, in which MapQuest users will be able to search for destinations from the MapQuest site, and send them directly to their Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury vehicles (so long as they are equipped with the SYNC Traffic, Directions and Information service).

TomTom Taps Localeze for Local Business Listings

Localeze and TomTom have announced a partnership in which TomTom will have access to Localeze’s 14 million U.S. local search business listings for categorized points of interest. TomTom will make this content available for location content and navigation apps developers and device manufacturers.

"The number of GPS-enabled LBS subscribers is expected to take a big leap in coming years with market revenue reaching around US$ 9.8 Billion in 2013," a representative for Localeze tells WebProNews.

Get Your Breadcrumbs in Google for More Links in Results

Last summer it was discovered that Google was testing breadcrumbs in search results (breadcrumbs being the hierarchical display commonly used in site navigation. For example: Home Page>Product Page>Product A Page). Then in mid-November, Google announced that it was rolling out the use of breadcrumbs in search results on a global basis. What this means for webmasters is that if you can get your breadcrumbs into Google’s results, you essentially have more links on the results page. You have a separate link for each page in the breadcrumb trail.