Nazi Art Theft Material Discovered

During World War ll, Adolf Hitler commanded agents to raid and loot European countries, looking for precious metals, currency, jewelry, and artwork. While most of the items were recovered by the Allies after the war ended, some of them were…

Footnote Opens Access To Online Civil War Collection, a website focused on original historical documents, has opened up access to its Civil War Collection for free to the public for the remainder of June.

Footnote says it has worked with the U.S. National Archives over the past three years to create the largest collection of Civil War documents on the Internet, featuring over 30 million documents, photos and maps.

New Civil War Exhibit Promoted On Twitter And Facebook

The National Archives has launched a social media scavenger hunt to promote its new exhibit "Discovering the Civil War."

The social media campaign is launching on the National Archives main Facebook page at 12:00 p.m. EDT today.