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Tila Tequila: “Hitler Was A Good Man”, History Lies
Take what you will from Tila Tequila – a former car model, MySpace celebrity, and reality TV show host. She’s made a video and blog post expos...
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Bing Lets You Connect Social Pages To Webmaster Tools
Bing announced a new Connected Pages feature for its Webmaster Tools offering, enabling webmasters to connect their various other official pages to th...
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Myspace Touts Modest Gains, Up 12 Million Users from June Relaunch
After a nearly six-month beta period, Myspace finally launched its new music-centric rebrand back in June. It launched as a decidedly new service R...
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Facebook Pics Affect Teens’ Risky Behavior, Shows Study
Parents have been warning their children about the affects of peer pressure for decades now. However, the pressure teens today face on social media is...
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Holy Grail Jay Z: The First Ever Music Video to Debut Exclusively on Facebook
For the first time in music history an artist has used a social media website to exclusively debut a music video. On August 29, 2013 Jay Z released hi...
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New Myspace Launches Out Of Beta, Comes With iOS App
Myspace announced today that it is bringing its recently redesigned service out of beta, as well as launching a new mobile app for iOS. If you haven&#...
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New Myspace Facing Music Rights Issue in First Week of Public Launch
Last week, the all-new Myspace finally opened up to the public after a few-month-long beta period. Its launch, coincidentally, occurred at the same ti...
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New Myspace Opens Up To All (Especially Justin Timberlake Fans)
After a few-month-long beta period, the big Myspace redesign is finally available to anyone and everyone who wishes to join. To sign up for a new Mysp...
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New Myspace: A First Look at the Huge Redesign
Myspace first teased their big redesign back in September, and the company is starting to let people in, sending out pre-launch invites to a select fe...
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Myspace Teases Massive Redesign [VIDEO]
If anything could benefit from a massive overhaul, it’s beleaguered social network Myspace. What was once the premier social forum on the intern...
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Do Social Media Sites View Privacy As A Burden?
When interviewing Robert Ellis Smith, privacy expert extraordinaire, WebProNews’ Abby Johnson asked him how the recent FTC/Myspace ruling would ...
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Tumblr Breaks Into comScore’s Top 50 Websites
comScore has just released its top 50 ranking for web properties in the U.S. for the month of April, and microblogging platform Tumblr earned a spot i...
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Nasdaq Asks How Facebook Connects the World
It was recently reported that social networking giant Facebook presently has roughly 901 million active users. As the company files its IPO today, Nas...
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Facebook’s Master Plan to Colonize the Earth in Likes
Earlier today, we shared with you the staggering statistic of Facebook users in different countries around the world. For some of those countries, lik...
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Myspace Settles with FTC Over User Privacy
Myspace, the dominant social network before Facebook took over, has just settled with the Federal Trade Commission over user privacy issues, much like...
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Online Empires Rise and Fall [Infographic]
This next infographic comes to us from CenturyLinkQuote.Com and it addresses the issue of the trendy nature of online empires. They layout some very i...
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Emeli Sande Featured in New Myspace “One-Two-Watch”
If you thought Myspace was defunct as a social networking site, well, you were right. But Myspace is still trying to re-brand itself as a destination ...
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Myspace Entertainment Gets New President
Myspace has tapped Roger Mincheff to lead Myspace Entertainment as president. Myspace Entertainment will be Myspace’s internal production and en...
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MySpace Gains A Million New Sign-Ups: Good Sign
Make all the MySpace jokes you want, but it still has a lot of users. You may not want to count it out just yet. In fact, MySpace has gained over a mi...
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Rupert Murdoch On Facebook IPO And MySpace “Screw-Up”
Rupert Murdoch has really taken to Twitter since joining the social microblogging service recently. He’s not one of those high profile execs tha...
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