Samsung Acquires Cloud Media Provider mSpot

Samsung announced today that it is acquiring mSpot, a mobile cloud entertainment provider. The purchase will allow Samsung to provide mSpot’s Movies and Music services on their phone and tablet devices. It also fits with the trend Samsung set in…

mSpot: We Have the “Holy Grail” of Mobile Movies

mSpot has announced what it is calling the “Holy Grail of Mobile Movies”. In other words: instant streaming and progressive downloads. It will first be offered on newly shipping Lenovo tablets. “While there is growing competition for streaming movies –…

mSpot Details Radio Spotter and Its Impact on the Industry

As Chris Crum of WPN previously reported, mSpot recently launched a new service into beta that combines both cloud music storage and streaming with streaming Internet radio. Although there are other cloud music and storage lockers as well as streaming radio services, mSpot’s Radio Spotter is the first offering that combines the two.

mSpot Radio Spotter is mSpot Meets Pandora

mSpot has just launched a new service that’s kind of like mSpot meets Pandora (without the ads). It’s called Radio Spotter (beta) and combines cloud music storage/streaming with streaming Internet radio. It will match the songs you play from your…

mSpot Movie Rental Prices Get Cheaper as Competition Escalates

When Amazon announced its Cloud Drive and music player services 5GB of storage for free, mSpot knew it had to act. The company quickly announced that it would also be giving users 5GB of free space. Now mSpot has lowered…

mSpot Prepared to Battle with Amazon, Google, and Apple in Streaming Music

Amazon made huge waves when it unveiled its new Cloud Drive and Cloud Player offerings, which give users 5GB of free storage for their music. One of the companies immediately impacted by this, would be mSpot, which offers a very…

mSpot Android App Gets 500,000 Downloads in Two Months

mSpot announced today that the Android app for its streaming music service has been downloaded 500,000 times.This is fairly impressive as the app has only been out for two months.

If you’re unfamiliar with mSpot, it lets you upload your music files to store in the cloud, and stream them from your computer or mobile device. 

mSpot: That Netflix/Epix Deal? We Get Those Movies 6 Months Earlier

You may have read that Netflix announced a new deal with Epix worth $1 billion. mSpot has taken the opportunity to point out that they get movies much sooner than Netflix’s streaming service does, most likely including many of the same titles.

mSpot Launches Streaming Movie App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

mSpot has announced the launch of a free app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, which lets users watch full-length streaming movies instantly.

"The Mobile Movies iPad app makes them the first company to make streaming full-length movies available across Apple devices (beating Netflix to the punch)," a representative for mSpot tells WebProNews.