Redbox Gives Discounts For Answering Trivia Questions

Redbox, one of the top players in movie rental these days, is not shy about giving customers discounts. Its DVDs are already pretty low-priced (despite a minor price increase last year), but they’re always giving away free rentals for various…

YouTube Expands Movie Offerings to UK

YouTube has had movies available for a long time, but for quite a while, it was mostly just old stuff that wasn’t too much in demand, but then in May, they announced that they were doubling their movie offerings, and…

Amazon Instant Video Up to Over 100,000 Titles

Amazon announced that it now offers over 100,000 movies and TV shows through its Amazon Instant Video service. That includes new releases, and these titles can be either purchased or rented. These titles start at $3.99 a piece, and can…

mSpot Movie Rental Prices Get Cheaper as Competition Escalates

When Amazon announced its Cloud Drive and music player services 5GB of storage for free, mSpot knew it had to act. The company quickly announced that it would also be giving users 5GB of free space. Now mSpot has lowered…

Good Week for Netflix Marred by Gaffes

You would think it would have been a good week for Netflix, given that the company began its first expansion into another country. Netflix launched its Canadian streaming-only service earlier this week. 

Netflix Launches in Canada Without DVDs, Smaller Streaming Catalog

In July, Netflix said it would expand into Canada this fall, and the company made good on that promise as it made the announcement today. This marks the first international expansion of the company. 

Redbox May Soon Look for its Slice of Netflix’s Online Pie

Netflix appears to be facing increasing competition from all sides. In addition to long-time rival BlockBuster, retailer-based rental services and Hulu’s recently launched Hulu Plus paid service, Coinstar’s Redbox is reportedly looking to launch an online strategy.

YouTube Movie Rental Experiment Fails (So Far)

On Friday, YouTube started a movie rental experiment involving five motion pictures from the 2009 and 2010 Sundance Film Festivals.  Now, although the trial run is several days away from being over, it’s starting to look like the word "failure" will have to be applied.

Will YouTube Be the Place to Rent Movies?

YouTube has made a couple of big announcements. First of all, they are going to start renting movies. They are kicking off this initiative by partnering with the Sundance Film Festival, making five films from 2010 and 2009 available for rent for U.S. users. This starts Friday and will run through Sunday January 31.