Motorola Mobility Shows an Increased First Quarter Operating Loss

Motorola Mobility, the mobile and data division of Motorola, yesterday released its first quarter financial results showing the company has increased its operating loss from this time last year. Motorola Mobility’s first quarter GAAP operating loss was $86 million, up…

Droid Beats iPhone In Sales Comparison

There’s good and bad news for Google this morning with respect to Android and the mobile market.  In terms of how many units were sold during their first 74 days of availability, it seems the Droid beat the iPhone to the million-unit mark, but the Nexus One is lagging far behind.

Mobile Phone Buyers Prefer Touchscreen Interface

While text messaging continues to be the top motivating feature for mobile phone buyers, American consumers are increasingly purchasing handsets with touch screens or QWERTY keyboards, according to the latest report from The NPD Group.

The report found all 10 of the top-selling mobile phones purchased in the fourth quarter of 2009 came with a touch screen, a QWERTY keyboard, or both.