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37 States and D.C. Sue Google for Alleged Play Store Antitrust Issues
A coalition of 37 states, plus the District of Columbia, have sued Google over alleged antitrust violations with its Play Store....
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Facebook Introduces Bolts To Ease Mobile Development
Mobile development is made so much easier when you have an SDK to work from. Facebook’s mobile SDKs for iOS and Android are some of the best in ...
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Java, Objective-C Still Popular Thanks To Mobile Development
Every month, TIOBE Software releases an index of the most popular programming languages based upon a variety of factors. Most months, the popularity o...
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Android App Translation Service Goes Live For All Developers
Back at Google I/O in May, the company showed off a new app translation service for Android developers. In short, it would allow developers to hire pr...
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Amazon Mobile App Developers Now Have Access To Analytics, A/B Testing
Despite building Fire OS on top of Android, Amazon wants developers to choose its platform over Android or iOS when building apps. Over the last year,...
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Amazon’s Appstore Developer Select Promises Better Discoverability
Discoverability on mobile is a major hurdle that any new mobile developer will have to overcome if they want to make it in an increasingly crowded ind...
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Facebook Enhances Open Graph On Mobile, Updates iOS SDK
At the Facebook Home unveiling, Mark Zuckerberg said that people are increasingly consuming content on mobile. It’s true for Facebook as is it t...
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Mobile Game Development Is Easy And Profitable (If You’re Lucky)
It seems that everybody is going into mobile game development these days. The traditional console market is shrinking as more and more gamers tire of ...
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Here’s Your First Look At The Firefox OS Developer Preview Phones
Developers have been able to build apps for Firefox OS for a while now. The only caveat was that they had to build apps within a simulator as the hard...
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Amazon Makes It Easier To Integrate Its APIs Into Android Apps
So, you’re building an Android app, and you want to make it available on the Amazon Appstore. You’re going to have to integrate all the ne...
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Kindle Fire Developers Can Now Send Push Notifications To Users
One of the benefits of building apps for Android and iOS is that developers can use push notifications as a way of keeping users engaged. A game can r...
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Amazon Now Provides Free A/B Testing To Mobile App Developers
The Amazon Appstore is booming, and Kindle Fires are an even bigger hit this holiday season. Developers will want to jump on board to get some of the ...
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Application Craft Targets The Mobile Development Scene With Latest Release
Development, regardless of platform, could stand to be a little easier. That’s especially true when it comes to mobile development, one of the f...
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Windows Phone 8 May Be The Most Developer Friendly Phone On The Market
Apps are where it’s at in today’s economy. If you can make a great app, you are guaranteed a steady income and the benefit of working for ...
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Mobile Or Web? Facebook Doesn’t Care As Long As They’re Part Of It
Facebook has always had a powerful Web presence and they’re slowly, but surely, making their way into the mobile space. What about the developer...
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Amazon App Store Going International
The Amazon App Store has been one of the most successful ventures for the company to date. It’s already proven to be more profitable than Google...
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Developers Still Prefer Apple Over Android By A Large Margin
We reported on a trend in the mobile development scene Wednesday – Android is on the rise. It’s true, but it’s not the whole story. ...
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Google Details The Power Of Share Intent
Earlier today, Oovoo revealed their new app that essentially adds Google+-style Hangouts to Facebook. Google already fired a preemptive shot without e...
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Adobe Shadow Labs Release 2 Now Available
Adobe Shadow, tools that make developing mobile Web sites easier and faster, has been updated today to stay in line with current Web standards. Adobe ...
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Facebook Announces Mobile Hacks Roadshow Winners
Google isn’t the only company that’s down for some good ol’ hackathons. Facebook loves getting in on the action too. That’s wh...
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