Microsoft Edge Is Sending All the URLs You Visit to Bing

Microsoft Edge appears to have major privacy flaw, sending all URLs a person visits to the company’s search engine.

Microsoft Edge Workspaces Now Available In Public Preview

Microsoft has released Edge Workspaces in public preview, giving users a chance to try out the web browser’s new collaboration feature.

Microsoft Edge Brings Video Upscaling With to Low-Quality Videos

Microsoft Edge users are getting a useful new feature that will allow them to upscale old, low-quality videos

Microsoft Edge May Soon Have a ‘Split Screen’ Feature

Microsoft Edge may be adding a major new feature, giving users the ability to display two different websites in a single screen.

Scammers Are Abusing the Microsoft Edge News Feed

Scammers are abusing Microsoft Edge’s news feed, running malicious ads in an effort to direct users to tech support scams.

Goodbye and Good Riddance: Internet Explorer Is Officially History

Microsoft has officially retired Internet Explorer, ending support for the web browser that was instrumental in helping the company defeat Netscape.

Microsoft and Shopify to Display Listings in Microsoft’s Products

Microsoft and Shopify are partnering to display merchant listings in Bing, as well as Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Start.

Another Week, Another Round of Serious Google Chrome Security Flaws

In what is becoming a regular occurrence, Google has issued another Chrome update to fix a number of issues, including seven serious security flaws.

Google Releases Chrome Update Addressing Zero-Day Exploit

Google has released a major updated for its Chrome web browser, addressing a number of security issues, including a zero-day exploit.

Brave Web Browser Passes 20 Million Monthly Users, 7 Million Daily

Brave web browser is making inroads in the market, announcing it now has 20 million monthly active users and 7 million daily active users.