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Tag: Matt Cutts

‘GoogleGuy’ Matt Cutts Leaves Google, Will Continue with the US Digital Service
Matt Cutts, who was once believed to be the mysterious GoogleGuy on Webmaster World forums and later became the main conduit of information to webmast...
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Will Matt Cutts Be Back At Google In 2016?
Google’s former head of web spam Matt Cutts will not be returning to the company this year from the sound of it. He reportedly said on an intern...
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Someone Made A Comic About Matt Cutts And His Leave
Ignite Visibility President John Lincoln, who contributes to Search Engine Land on occasion, created a comic about Matt Cutts and his leave from Googl...
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Google Has Replaced Matt Cutts
It looks like Matt Cutts has been officially replaced as the head of web spam at Google. We don’t know who his replacement is, and we might not ...
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Has Google Lived Up To Its ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Mantra?
Google’s famous “Don’t be Evil” mantra has been questioned time and time again for many years, but it’s back in the spot...
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Is The Matt Cutts Era Over?
It’s not 100% clear yet, but it’s looking like for webmasters and SEOs, the era of Matt Cutts is a thing of the past. His career at Google...
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Matt Cutts Won’t Be Back At Google Any Time Soon
Back in July, Google’s head of webspam Matt Cutts announced that he was taking an extended leave from work to enjoy his personal life. On Friday...
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Google Is Not Going To Be Updating Toolbar PageRank Anymore
It looks like Google Toolbar PageRank may officially be a thing of the past. This will no doubt please some, while upsetting others, but for better or...
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Matt Cutts Is Disappearing For A While
Just ahead of the holiday weekend, Google’s head of webspam Matt Cutts announced that he is taking leave from Google through at least October, w...
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Google Continues Link Network Attack
It would appear that Google’s attack on European link networks is not over (if it ever will be). Google has been penalizing link networks on the...
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Google Looks At Apparent IE Sponsored Post Spam
Tech blogger/investor Michael Arrington revealed that someone who claimed to be a “social strategist on behalf of Microsoft” tried to get ...
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Google Launches New Version Of Payday Loan Algorithm
Last month, Google rolled out two major updates to its algorithm around the same time – new versions of the famous Panda update and the “P...
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Here’s Another Matt Cutts Floating Head Video (About The Most Common SEO Mistake)
We’ll just keep this one short like the video itself. The most common SEO mistake you can make, according to Matt Cutts, is not having a website...
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Google Talks Determining Quality When There Aren’t Links
Google has a new Webmaster Help video out talking about how it looks at quality of content that doesn’t have many links pointing to it. Specific...
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Google’s Transparency Called Into Question Again
Though it’s back in Google’s results now, another company is making headlines for being penalized by Google. This time it’s Vivint, ...
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Matt Cutts Talks Google Link Extraction And PageRank
In a new video, Matt Cutts, Google’s head of webspam, discussed how Google views two links with different anchor text on one page pointing to th...
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Google: Panda 4.0 Brings in ‘Softer Side,’ Lays Groundwork For Future
Back in March, Google’s Matt Cutts spoke at the Search Marketing Expo, and said that Google was working on the next generation of the Panda upda...
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Google Launches Two Algorithm Updates Including New Panda
Google makes changes to its algorithm every day (sometimes multiple changes in one day). When the company actually announces them, you know they’...
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Google Responds To Link Removal Overreaction
People continue to needlessly ask sites that have legitimately linked to theirs to remove links because they’re afraid Google won’t like t...
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What Have Google’s Biggest Mistakes Been?
Do you feel like Google makes many mistakes when it comes to trying to improve its search results? Do you think they’ve gone overboard or not fa...
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