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Tag: math

Amazon Now Has a Store Focusing on STEM Toys
Amazon wants your kids to grow up knowing more about the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. The online retailer has just launched a...
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Math Fears Could Be Genetically Influenced, Shows Study
A large portion of the human population knows the fear of math, that stomach-rumbling anxiety encountered when numbers blur into a jumble as the only ...
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Math Anxiety Could Hurt Health Messaging, Shows Study
Though mathematics is one of the most important inventions in the history of humanity, many humans actually have an aversion to the subject. Researche...
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Mathematicians Bring Numbers to the Gun Debate
The elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut last December put gun control back in the American political spotlight. Since that time, passio...
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“Human Computer” Dies: Indian Savant Was 83
A woman who was nicknamed the “human computer” for her incredible math skills has died of respiratory illness. She was 83. Shakuntala Devi...
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Leonhard Euler, Mathematics Pioneer, Honored with Google Doodle
Today, Google is honoring Leonhard Euler, the Swiss mathematician known for his prolific works in many mathematical fields, including calculus and man...
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A Simple Demonstration on Why You’ll Never Pick the Perfect NCAA Bracket
With the NCAA Tournament fast approaching, people are beginning to fill out their brackets with the hopes of stunning their office buddies with the pe...
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You Really Only Need to Know 39 Digits of Pi [VIDEO]
Pi has currently been calculated to over 10 trillion (10^13) digits. But really, 39 is all you need, as the following video demonstrates. “You o...
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Play Portal on Your Graphing Calculator, Because Why Not
I have fond memories of pretending to perform algebraic equations while instead playing awesome calculator games on my couple hundred-dollar TI-83. An...
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Here’s Why You Should Always Switch to Door #2 [VIDEO]
Our favorite science/math illustrators are back today with a easy-to-understand breakdown of exactly why you should switch to door number two. Today, ...
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Google Just Got A Lot Better At Math
If you ever use Google to solve math problems, you may start using it even more now. If you didn’t use Google to solve math problems, you may wa...
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Women In Science & Math: Where Are They?
Girls may be more precocious than boys when it comes to getting good marks in the classroom, but somehow that doesn’t lead to most of these girl...
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Most Americans Doubt U.S. Will Be On Top by 2020
More than half of likely voters doubt that the United States will be the No. 1 world leader in science, technology and health care by the year 2020, a...
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Pi Day Sweeps The Internet: Anybody Hungry For Math?
On behalf of math geeks, science lovers, and purveyors of questionable “holidays” everywhere, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Pi D...
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Wolfram Alpha Hints ‘Biggest Change Ever’ Coming To Site
If you’ve ever needing to do some quick math and didn’t have a calculator handy, Wolfram Alpha was there. If you ever need to know about N...
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Google As A Graphing Calculator
Google has introduced some graphing calculator functionality to its search results. “Students and math lovers can now plot mathematical functions ri...
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Tau Day Sweeps The Internet, Gets Its Own Soundtrack
It all started when Dr. Michael Hartl suggested that the cake pi is a lie last year. Hartl put “The Tau Manifesto” online last year, just ...
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